Gargoyles #6 Review

Writer: Greg Weisman
Art: George Kambadais
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 31, 2023

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After Goliath refused to escape prison at the end of the last issue, Gargoyles #6 opens with a focus on Brooklyn, specifically an image of him drowning. It’s not entirely clear whether this is meant to be a metaphor within his imagination, or some kind of PTSD memory. Since more is revealed about what has happened to Brooklyn in between the events of the show and the events of this comic series, it could end up being the latter. The subplot with the mob isn’t all that interesting, but things take an intriguing turn when an antagonistic character from the show, not seen in this series until now, appears at the end of this issue. It will leave fans guessing as to how he will factor into future events in this story arc.


There are many standout panels in Gargoyles #6. The opening splash page of Brooklyn drowning does a great job of drawing readers into the story, allowing us to empathize with him. The full page of Goliath awakening from his stone sleep in prison really serves to show that even while bound, Goliath is still intimidating and not to be trifled with. There is a two-page spread of Brooklyn’s time traveling adventures, something this series will hopefully expand upon in future issues. It leaves readers wanting more. The explosions are well-drawn, almost popping off the page, and there is an excellent contrast between light and dark colors throughout the issue. The emotion is recognizable, on the faces of Elisa Maza and Brooklyn specifically, even in scenes without dialogue. We can feel their remorse and heartache.


Gargoyles #6 continues this exciting storyline, adding more backstory, as well as re-introducing old characters. It certainly leaves readers on their toes. Greg Weisman is a masterful storyteller and proves that through adding more depth to fan-favorite characters as well as element of mystery, leaving us wondering what will happen next in this saga. Combined with the art of Kambadais, it retains what fans loved about the show and adds to the suspense with emotion and unexpected twists.


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