Gargoyles #3 Review

Writer: Greg Weisman

Art: George Kambadais

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 22nd, 2023

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This story in Gargoyles #3 picks up where we left off. David Xanatos is accused of kidnapping Derek/Talon’s pregnant wife, Maggie the cat. Our heroes are unaware of the real kidnappers: Goliath’s evil clone, Thailog, and the mad scientist, Dr. Anton Servarius. They seem to figure out who the real kidnappers are pretty quickly, and Xanatos seems to be an ally for now. There are hints, though, that Xanatos could go back to his evil ways. It leaves readers guessing about whether he can be trusted. It also shows readers that life is valuable, as Broadway’s narration recognizes.

Broadway serves as a good narrator, especially because he is both gargoyle and amateur detective. They make some good references to the continuity of the show, that astute fans will recognize, such as when the mystical Oberon tried to kidnap Xanatos’ child. At the same time, readers who have never seen the show can read it and still enjoy it, but it’s more meaningful if you’ve seen the episodes they reference.

The dialogue is well-written, and Greg Weisman truly proves himself to be a masterful storyteller. The characters’ voices come through and you can hear the voices of Keith David, Bill Fagerbakke, Tim Curry, Jonathan Frakes and others come through the dialogue as you read it. We see the themes of the preciousness of life, and the importance of protecting one’s family, as Broadway emphasizes through his narration.


The art in Gargoyles #3 continues to be very good. While not perfectly reflective of the show’s animation style, it does depict the characters well, particular with the glowing eyes of Talon. The fight scenes are very well done from an artistic standpoint too. Xanatos, from within his battle suit, is reminiscent of Tony Stark from within his armor. A lot of the action is shown in a two-page spread, making it more impactful for readers. It almost seems to jump off the page, such as Xanatos flying in his robotic gargoyle suit, and Thailog’s fight with Coldfire.


Gargoyles #3 continues to excite and leaves readers wondering what will happen next in regards to new characters. The fact that they discovered who the kidnappers were so quickly must mean there will be more twists and turns down the road, especially since Weisman is known for plot twists. What do you think will happen next, Gargoyles fans? Could Thailog come after the heroes again, or might more new characters being introduced? And what of Demona? So, she has been referenced but not given a role in the story yet. Could she be introduced to this story?



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