Future State: Wonder Woman #2 Review

Writer: Joëlle Jones

Art: Joëlle Jones, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 2nd, 2021

Originating from the Rain Forest, this new WONDER WOMAN must fight through Hades itself! It’s time to watch Yara Flor at the pinnacle of her capabilities cutting a swathe through the underbelly of the underworld. Yara is pushed into opposition against a horde of demons to disentangle her fellow sister. Let’s dive into FUTURE STATE: WONDER WOMAN #2 by Joëlle Jones as we witness the sensational conclusion to this preliminary epic expedition of a surging young warrior bound for greatness!

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Yara Flor… Yara Flor. She’s everything Diana Prince hasn’t been in years. This new WONDER WOMAN that champions from a tribe of Amazons located within the Amazon Rain Forest, is headstrong, young, funny, and almost heroically stupid. Her bravery outweighs her fear to such an extreme that she finds herself cascading into Hades to ultimately save a fellow warrior from the clutches of death. Readers, Yara’s personality is something that’s been missing from Diana for decades, even within the constant reboots and retreads.

Diana, the WONDER WOMAN who saved the multiverse in DEATH METAL, has become mature with a sense of gallantry that surrounded her. We’ve literally watched Diana grow up since her first appearance in ALL STAR COMICS #8 back in 1941. Granted it’s taken her almost 80 years to truly become this wise and judicious soul. Nevertheless, Diana hasn’t been this carefree, disruptive, adventurous, and undisciplined in ages. Joëlle Jones saw this creating a new WONDER WOMAN and flaunts her proudly to the masses. It’s the characteristics of Jones’ WONDER WOMAN that have been missing from a heroine at DC COMICS for quite some time. However, here is where the issue/ series goes from great to spectacular.

Jones didn’t just pen the script, she also beautifully designed the illustrations. The images throughout FUTURE STATE: WONDER WOMAN were so brilliantly charged with energy that oftentimes her dialogue wasn’t required to understand what was happening within the story. Joëlle’s style lends itself perfectly to an almost 3-dimensional, realistic lens that’s so stunningly sharp and intense merely adding to the strength of Yara Flor that reads will hang onto every last panel. Together with her script, Joëlle Jones has crafted such a powerful new WONDER WOMAN that I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.


Overall, the story itself is what you’d expect. However, Jones does throw in a curveball at the end to keep fans on their toes, which I loved. More or less, this FUTURE STATE series was simply a canvas to showcase what’s been missing from our “current” WONDER WOMAN. Sure, they’re both strong, courageous warriors. Yet, they both exude their heroism in a different light. Joëlle was the perfect writer and artist to tell this tale and I highly recommend every DC COMICS fan take a look. Yara’s bold, foolhardy, and absurdly reckless style will hit readers in the face, take their lunch money, make them smile, and all while providing a fresh new take on a classic concept. Pick this issue up, grab the trade, and keep your fingers crossed that we get more Yara Flor from Joëlle Jones in the future. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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