Future State: Robin Eternal #1 Review

Writer: Megan Fitzmartin

Art: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Pat Brosseau, Emmanuela Lupacchino, and Irvin Rodriguez 

Publisher: DC COMICS

Release Date: January 12th, 2021

Price: $3.99

As the dark shadow of the Magistrate falls over future Gotham let’s jump to a possible “Future” and see how some of our favorite street-level heroes are faring…. or not!

Upon first glance, we see that my personal favorite Robin, Tim Drake, has bulked up a bit. Not only in stature, but his utility belt as well! He also is sporting some nice cloaking tech! We’re thrown right into the fray from the get-go and see that the Magistrate is on the hunt for Robin, as well other “vigilantes” and what’s left of the Bat-Family.

Wonderful colorwork is on clear display here. Adriano Lucas uses brightness to offset the night and rain to provide a very futuristic scene.

As this book has been out for a while I don’t think I’ll be “spoiling” anything by writing that Tim gets some much-needed help from none other than Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler! Longtime fans know that Tim and Steph have had a relationship that goes back to the early/mid-’90s. Theirs is one of my favorite relationships in all of comics so I was thrilled to see this taking place. I don’t read solicits so it was truly a surprise for this reviewer! As with many of the other Future State books I’ve read the finite amount of time the creative team has to tell a story seems to have brought out some fabulous storytelling!

Megan Fitzmartin easily falls into that group too! I’m all for giving new creators a chance, and based on this issue alone I hope that Megan gets a shot at an ongoing title ASAP!

Tim and Steph quickly fall into their familiar banter and we also get some serious page time from a “We Are Robin” character. It’s nicely referenced in the dialogue so that people that haven’t read that series can check it out!

The Magistrate has some serious upgrade plans using aspects of the Lazarus Pit which I find a bit creepy as well as ingenious! By the end of the issue, the “Robin Eternal” title will make absolute sense!

Final Thoughts:

Future State: Robin Eternal is another big hit for DC Comics during this two-month interlude of sorts. If you love Tim and Steph you won’t be disappointed!!


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