Future State: Dark Detective #2 Review

Writer: Mariko Tamaki (Dark Detective) Joshua Williamson (Red Hood)
Art: Dan Mora (Dark Detective) Giannis Milonogiannis (Red Hood), and Gabriele Dell’otto (Variant)

Publisher: DC COMICS
Price: $5.99
Release Date: January 26th, 2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

 The fall of Bruce Wayne. For years, we have always associated massive wealth as a crucial part of Bruce Wayne. I mean, how else would he fund all of his exploits as Batman? The second issue of Dark Detective continues to explore this new reality for Bruce and provide us with how he is handling it.

Dark Detective #2 focuses on Bruce investigating his death. His main question is one that we as the reader are also asking ourselves: how did the Magistrate know that killing Bruce Wayne, would mean killing Batman? This is a question that Bruce hopes to answer. Now, investigating use to be a simple task for Bruce back in the day. For starters, he was able to prowl the city like a bat out of Hell and follow leads without having the Magistrate’s tech robots following his every move. Bruce was also able to spend hours in the Batcave typing away at his computer accessing various files and information (I wonder if he used Google?). Now that he is “dead”, the luxury of investigating freely, is nothing more than a memory. This is not the only luxury that he has recently lost. Bruce Wayne is broke. Actually, let me rephrase that. Bruce Wayne is now a regular citizen of Gotham.

To remain dead, Bruce has resorted to using only cash and renting a room from a guy named Noah. How do I explain the awesomeness of Noah? Let’s put it this way. Noah believes that aliens are putting mind-control chemicals in the water, so he only drinks bottled water. Noah is a major change from Alfred or any of the various Robins that Bruce had grown accustomed to. He is not the king of the castle. He has to go by Noah’s rules and pay him rent money. I am sure these are two situations that Bruce Wayne never imagined that he would find himself in.

Towards the end of the story, we become privy that some of the tech that is being used to hunt down vigilantes, was designed by Wayne Enterprises. This tech was originally created to keep an eye on every nook and cranny in Gotham. To me, this seems like a gray area. On one hand, when you have people running around with killer Venus Fly Traps and laughing fish, I can understand why Bruce would want to develop something that is the size of a small Hummingbird. It helps him to respond faster to the various crime sprees that are associated with Gotham. On the other hand, privacy laws Bruce! You are spying on everyone at any given time! This story ends on a cryptic note with Noah warning Bruce that “they” are watching them.

Our second story opens with the Red Hood on a highspeed pursuit. The beginning of another typical Gotham story, right? Wrong. This story takes a sharp left turn when we discover that the Red Hood is now arresting all vigilantes for the Peacekeepers. This does not sit well with the bulk of the citizens in Gotham. The vigilantes are local heroes. They steal from the rich and give to the poor. But per the Magistrate, there is a 0-tolerance policy for all people wearing a mask…Except for those who work for the Peacekeepers (i.e. the Red Hood). This story really hits its stride as Jason is following a lead on another vigilante. After some quick detective skills, he is joined by Ravager (also employed by the Peacekeepers) to find out who had been using the Mad Hatter’s technology to control the latest vigilante. This issue ends with a new alert that Jason Todd is now wanted by the Peacekeepers. I foresee a Ravager vs. Red Hood story on the horizon!


Both of these stories are prime examples of what a Batman story should be. Down to Earth and gritty with just a hint of a moral gray area. Being a hero is ingrained into the very DNA of Bruce Wayne. The man is considered dead AND there is a ban on vigilantes, but yet he is still serving and protecting the people of Gotham. Jason on the other hand is a fallen angel. Look, Jason Todd was Robin. ROBIN! He was mentored and trained by the Dark Knight. Now, he is hated by the very people and heroes he once fought for and protected. My first question is how did Jason sink this far down? What has happened to Jason that made him become a traitor? My other question stems from disbelief. What is Jason up to? He was…is…a part of the Bat-Family. As demonstrated with Bruce, no matter what happens to them, they will always serve the people of Gotham. There is no way that he is working for the Peacekeepers. He has to be undercover or playing both sides.

I loved both of these stories and would highly recommend you pick up FUTURE STATE: DARK DETECTIVE. The writing and art were top notch and really portrayed a fresh take on members of the Bat-Family. I also loved the Gotham shown in these two stories. Gotham City has finally progressed to a gritty and dirty tech city where being a vigilante (good or bad) can literally kill you. The Bat-Family has had it easy in Gotham. No one has really questioned them and the other heroes. The Magistrate and the Peacekeepers, however, are sticking to their guns (literally). No citizens are to wear a mask. To tie it all together imagine this, the vigilantes are Dumbledore’s Army, and the Peacekeepers, are Delores Umbridge and her cronies. The tension and build-up are there, and I am ready for the explosion.



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