Future State: Batman/ Superman #1 Review

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Art: Ben Oliver, Arif Prianto, and Tom Napolitano

Publisher: DC COMICS

Release Date: January 26th, 2021

Price: $3.99

Back at the beginning of the Magistrate’s “conquering” of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne found himself pushed to his very limits like never before. So, a team-up with the Man of Steel just made sense, right? False. Gotham’s dastardly oppressors were prepared for the Man of Tomorrow and with Kryptonian technology at their fingertips, not even Superman could stand in their way. Let’s hop into FUTURE STATE: BATMAN/ SUPERMAN #1 by Gene Luen Yang as we search through the dark underbelly of Gotham for answers and see if Gotham finds its own way to fight back against the oppression.

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This issue was rock solid. To fans that were scouring for a classic team-up book, this is it. Sure, these newer FUTURE STATE character renditions are interesting and creative, but sometimes I just like things the way they were. And can I tell you, this issue of FUTURE STATE: BATMAN/ SUPERMAN is the perfect way for fans to be involved in the beginning stages of FUTURE STATE while getting to eat their cake too.

Readers, it’s like we never left. SUPERMAN is still ecstatic that he’s revealed himself as Clark Kent and Bruce is still his angry, short-tempered self, probing for answers. The monologues from both main characters were spot on by Yang and his take specifically on SUPERMAN was flawless. Clark is overly trusting, super upbeat, and always willing to help, even if it puts BATMAN into a heaping pile of trouble.

Furthermore, Yang did a masterful job setting up key components to the story early on that quickly resurface making the story feel more impactful down to the last letter. Additionally, Ben Oliver’s illustrations mixed with Arif Prianto’s colors were incredibly bright, crisp, and powerful. Even within tight panel layouts, the detail that Oliver and Prianto display is simply gorgeous. Heck Tom Napolitano’s lettering in which flies literally around SUPERMAN is pure genius. This issue truly is the package deal.


Readers will leave this issue of FUTURE STATE: BATMAN/ SUPERMAN with the best of both worlds. They’ll get their classic heroes while also feeling apart of the FUTURE STATE landscape. The story moves quickly, has perfectly placed pockets of action, nails the character dynamic between the leads masterfully, and provides a clear and decisive anecdote for hardcore DC COMIC fans who may be perturbed that this “pause” even needs to occur since the ending of DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL. Oddly enough, what I found the most enjoyable was that it seemed so simple. Every story doesn’t have to be world-ending and Yang proves that more down to Earth narratives can still be deeply intriguing. I highly recommend giving this series a look and adding it to your pull list. Thanks for the read, have a great week, and God bless!


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