Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art: Pete Perez, Jay Leisten, Rachelle Rosenberg, Andrew C. Robinson and VC’s Travis Lanham
Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 18th, 2019

As we get back into the “under York” storyline has Peter finally been spread so thin that he actually asks for help? Let’s find out!

Our issue opens with Peter and Aunt May actually getting some good news from her Doctor. But that old Parker luck rears its ugly head and Spider-Man is needed ASAP.

There’s a burning boat and Spidey hops a ride from a convenient chopper. It was a scene very reminiscent of New Avengers Breakout when Spidey had to get across the water quickly. From this point till the end of the book Tom Taylor shows why he’s the best “voice” for Peter in my opinion. The humor is never forced and it isn’t lame. It flows freely and is genuinely funny. There’s a reoccurring debate on if Peter understands irony. It’s discussed with multiple people throughout the issue. It’s pretty funny.

The main premise of the issue is Peter trying to find balance in his life. This is nothing new. It’s been a struggle for him since the 60s. Literally. However, this is the first issue I recall that help is being asked for by Peter, AND by Spider-Man in the same issue. I’d say that this is real evolution to the character by Taylor. Heroes are big and strong and literally save the world. They don’t ask for help hardly at all or admit they need it. And they surely hardly ever admit that there may be a better way of doing things than going off all headstrong and putting others at risk. Read the issue, you’ll be glad you did when you see who’s helping out!

And while I’m curious about how the under York story will unfold it feels like it’s secondary to Peter’s relationships, and I’m totally fine with that.

The art highlight for me is the variant cover by Ryan Stegman. He’s obviously very talented, but man can he draw a great Spidey! He clearly draws a muscular figure but does it without making him look all bulked up on steroids.

I read all the Spidey books but this series is a stand out to me because of Tom Taylor. He’s somehow fashioned this book into one that is less about super heroing and more about building characters that I’ve become attached to. This book brings out real emotion from me. It makes me laugh and feel sad all in the same issue! I’m sad that it’s ending soon.

Final Thoughts:

Tom Taylor continues to build his character-driven book in fine fashion. He once again shows that he truly has the perfect voice for Peter and Spider-Man.


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