Flashpoint Beyond #0 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art: Eduardo Risso, Trish Mulvihill, Rob Leigh, Dexter Soy, and Alex Sinclair

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: April 12th, 2022

The FLASHPOINT Universe is back… somehow and in some way. However, the only person who seems to remember the events from the original FLASHPOINT is Thomas Wayne. Or is it? Let’s race into FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 by Geoff Johns and Eduardo Risso as these two lead the charge in resurrecting one of the best events to ever hit DC COMICS!!

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The opening pages set the tone of FLASHPOINT BEYOND masterfully. Bruce Wayne BATMAN stands in front of a board with keys to what’s on the horizon for DC COMICS, as well as what never was. It’s ominous just like a DOOMSDAY CLOCK, BATMAN: THREE JOKERS, or even DC REBIRTH. It snaps the reader into place and locks them in immediately solely to inform the reader that something big is coming. Sure, the intent of INFINITE FRONTIER was for something epic. And don’t get me wrong, it started that way. It just didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Still, Geoff Johns quickly makes this story feel special, which has been missing at DC COMICS for quite some time. Characters I thought I’d never see again, along with references to maps and Multiversal diagrams that point to something monumental on the horizon, lead readers to a strong conviction that this story is going to be very good.

Yet, even after all of that, Johns catches fans up super quick on recent events involving Thomas Wayne BATMAN. He rapidly gives readers the highlights from FLASHPOINT to now, which have been a tragic misstep for the character that I feel Geoff Johns and Jeremy Adams are going to try to rectify. Readers find FLASHPOINT BATMAN digging himself out of what could be his universe from before, a brand new universe, or worse. Either way you slice it, he remembers the way things were since FLASHPOINT and wants to put it all back re-saving his son in the process. Nevertheless, readers get the impression that someone or something else knows what’s going on too!

Additionally, readers will notice what would be subtle “Easter Eggs” if you will as names are dropped for the hardcore fan and news articles with fan favorites listed in this FLASHPOINT Universe. However, $&@ gets real… FAST.. as Thomas Wayne takes matters into his own hands and raises the stakes to psychotic levels. Sure, I saw it coming BUT I was still shocked to see what FLASHPOINT BATMAN was willing to do to fix this, and it’s pretty crazy people! Nevertheless, Johns doesn’t stop the crazy there. He levels this $&@$ up with some incredible twists and turns that keep fans clinging to their seats, including a final page conclusion that elevates the story, gives it some serious weight, and should revitalize some DC COMIC fan favorites.


Eduardo Risso and Trish Mulvihill revitalize their work from FLASHPOINT BATMAN: KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE, which helps to make even more sense out of what the series was reissued for last week. And FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 looks and feels just like it. Thomas Wayne looks rough, beaten, and grizzled from a painful life… and that’s the Thomas Wayne he should be. Not the most charismatic, sleek, BATMAN from King’s run or the recent JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE. Thomas should be old, a wreck, and at his wits end after the tragedy he experienced and the torment his wife put him through. And that’s the point… Risso and Mulvihill simply get that and understand the character. Not only is Johns fixing the story involving FLASHPOINT BATMAN but this art team is also contributing by bringing back the look that made the character so relentless and relatable.


FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 is the COVID Booster DC COMICS needed!!! Was that too soon? I thought INFINITE FRONTIER was going to be just what the Doctor ordered. Alas, it just became flat and it seemed like the writers couldn’t take it anywhere. Granted, it still has more to iron out but JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE amounted to what? My point is: FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 feels different. It has potential, planning, preparation, and honest thought. It’s simultaneously fixing the FLASHPOINT BATMAN missteps, bringing back some classic characters, poking some sly holes into characters we never thought would come back, and all while creating a Divine Continuity. For readers, like myself, who are in desperate need of a continuity that makes sense, Johns offers up the potential for just that.

FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 has that special spark along with the action, suspense, and clever twists that are sure to excite the longtime fan. There is literally something for everyone. From Pre FLASHPOINT, NEW 52, DC REBIRTH, DOOMSDAY CLOCK, and BEYOND, Johns is doing his best to weave this tapestry back together. And who could think of a better writer for the job? Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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