Fantastic Four: Prodigal Sun #1 REVIEW

Writer: Peter David

Art: Francesco Manna, Espen Grundetjern, VC’s Cory Petit, Mico Suayan, and Rain Beredo

Price: $4.99

Release Date: July 3rd, 2019

Introducing Prodigal, a strange alien being who has crash-landed in the Savage Land that becomes worshipped by a race of swamp-dwelling barbarians all in this week’s FANTASTIC FOUR: PRODIGAL SUN # 1 by Peter David. Ka-Zar and Shanna call upon the Fantastic Four to aid them in stopping the barbarians’ plans to conquer the entirety of their world. Let’s jump into the story and join Prodigal on his journey home.


Peter David kicks off the Prodigal Sun one-shots with a charmingly witty introduction into a brand new Marvel character named Prah’d’gul who appears to be the self-proclaimed greatest warrior within 5 galaxies. David’s inauguration of the character appears to come off as an egocentric jerk with elemental powers who’s loved for ions. However, the Fantastic Four, Ka-Zar, and Shanna appear to not be phased by any of Prodigal’s powers, abilities, or narcissism.

David can write the heck out of the Fantastic Four. This seasoned veteran gets the family dynamic, the playful banter between the family and the calmingly calculated Mr. Fantastic. The issue was delightfully fun while Francesco Manna’s art was clear, detailed, and grabbed this reviewers attention immediately from the Dino attack! Even David’s minor little additions of Powerhouse (Franklin Richards) and Brainstorm (Valeria Richards), as well as Matt Plunder (Ka-Zar and Shanna’s son), were endearing little additions to the story that incorporated more insight into the lives of the first family of comics.

As genuine and fun as the issue was, this reviewer still wasn’t left with much direction of who Prodigal is and why readers are having a story about him at all. What is so important about this person and why should we care? Readers may leave the issue wanting more answers than what David gave as well as more background on the purpose of these PRODIGAL SUN issues. David’s lighthearted fun may not be enough to get this reviewer to want to continue following the story along and seeing it through.


If you read FANTASTIC FOUR, you’ll love this issue and possibly want Peter David on the title. He did a tremendous job involving the family and weaving their personalities together throughout the issue. However, if you’re curious about the Prodigal Sun and are interested in learning more about him, his purpose, and his importance to the Marvel Landscape, you won’t get much in this issue other than is power set. This is a nice first issue to get things started but this reviewer left wanting a bit more. For now, this comic fan is still in on the PRODIGAL SUN but I will need more information quickly. Otherwise, I’m out.


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