Fantastic Four #570 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Dale Eaglesham, Paul Mounts, and Rus Wooton

Price: $2.99

Release Date: August 2009

Jonathan Hickman kicks off one of his most spectacular runs in FANTASTIC FOUR #570 with a classic villain and a mind-blowing conclusion that is some of the most creative storytelling on this side of the known universe. And immediately out of the gate, Hickman shows the family dynamic, the compassion of Reed Richards, and the driving force behind what makes Reed one of the greatest superheroes to ever grace us with their presence. Additionally, if you love the wisecracking banter of Ben and Johnny, readers will get a small taste of that relationship while Hickman unveils his very first council, not all that different than the Quiet Council he has currently developed on Krakoa., yet supremely more talented and authentic in every way. This council simply can’t be rivaled!!!

But, if story isn’t all your looking for in a comic, how was Dale Eaglesham’s art? Dare I say fantastic! His classic, yet modern illustrations were bright, vibrant, and beautifully well positioned. His splash pages were strategically placed to help guide readers across each panel with ease while Paul Mounts’ colors popped off each and every page. I can’t reiterate how amazing this imaginative team is together. The art is crispy, realistic, and complimented Hickman’s storytelling wonderfully. I especially admired Eaglesham’s interpretation of Reed. I’m used to artists making him appear thin and frail since he’s “stretchy”. However, Eaglesham makes Reed rugged, muscular, and classic with just a touch of scruff. Reed looks like a man’s man from the late 70s’ and 80s’ just without the mustache and Hawaiian shirt.

Readers, if you couldn’t already tell, I love this issue, as well as the series. It’s solid, checks all the boxes, and drops some stellar “wow” moments that will leave you coming back for more. However, I need everyone to pay very close attention: Hickman’s stories are long and oftentimes slow. Occasionally, elements of the story don’t seem important while you’re reading them at that moment. However, as someone who has read his entire omnibus of FANTASTIC FOUR, he comes back around to almost everything he dishes out to his readers. Hickman sees the long view and strategically plans out his stories accordingly, which many readers may now notice throughout HOXPOX and Dawn of X happening right now. All I ask is that you give this narrative time to unfold and I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with it as I have. Patience is required when reading Hickman. However, if you have the FANTASTIC FOUR Omnibus by Jonathan Hickman, or his trades (which you can find by clicking the Amazon link HERE), you won’t have to wait to get these answers. I actually bet you won’t be able to put it down! From experience, it’s worth every penny!


As this reviewer’s first introduction to Hickman, this issue sold me immediately into this story and opened up a galaxy of possibilities in the comic realm. FANTASTIC FOUR #570 does a perfect job of introducing the current standing of Marvel’s First Family with a classic feel, hits the characteristics of each main character perfectly, dangles some extremely clever plot threads that are so imaginative, and saturates the issue with outstanding artistic designs that are truly some next-level stuff! You’ll leave this issue wanting more immediately and won’t be able to put Hickman’s run down. If you haven’t read this issue yet, do so now! I highly recommend this issue and this series. If you’re looking for this issue online, click the Amazon link HERE. And if Jonathan Hickman is your jam, click the Amazon link HERE for more related series. Finally, please hit me up and let me know what you think! Stay healthy and stay safe everyone.


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