Fantastic Four #13 Review

Writer: Dan Slott

Art: Sean Izaakse, Marcio Menyz, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Esad Ribic

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 14th, 2019

The clock is ticking down and the moment is almost at hand in this week’s all-new FANTASTIC FOUR #13 by Dan Slott. That do-or-die instant where Ben Grimm will either find the will to win or be annihilated by the fighting-mad Immortal Hulk! Let’s dive into the issue and see what happens!


Dan Slott gives Fantastic Four fans the match they have been waiting years for; Hulk versus the Thing. With help from the outstanding art team of Sean Izaakse and Marcio Menyz, Slott gives readers a straightforward, action-packed, slugfest that was truly filled with all heart. That said, being a huge IMMORTAL HULK fan right now, the ending of the issue was far and away from the best writing of the issue.

Dan Slott didn’t make the Hulk “his” own or fit him into “his” story. Slott made the Hulk work in the confines of “his” comic. Additionally, Al Ewing did the same thing in last week’s issue of IMMORTAL HULK #22. Ewing referenced the Hulk oddly leaving to fight the Thing. C.B. Cebulski and Tom Brevoort, if you’re reading this review, this is what comic fans love; intertwined continuities of series that make sense, that are strategically timed well, and truly feel connected. These are qualities of a fantastic writer and Slott, as well as Ewing, have them in spades.

Izaakse and Menyz art was in all respects the best part of the issue. The opening splash page of Grimm getting his face clobbered by Hulk while chunks of rock fly off were outstanding. Furthermore, the play-by-play mixed with small panels of Ben’s watch ticking down guided this reviewer with ease through the story. Izaakse’s focus on every moment within each swing made readers feel like they were watching the action unfold live while Joe Caramagna’s letters amplified each vicious hit showing this reviewer the sheer impact of every punch. Lastly, Slott and his art team unquestionably shined as Ben Grimm used his “heart” to one-punched Hulk while Menyz’s colors magnified Ben’s wedding ring as the hit lands knocking Mr. Green Jeans out for the count.

Honestly, nothing much happens throughout the issue and it’s a super quick read filled with high octane action, masterfully detailed art, and genuine entertainment. The only disappointing aspect to the issue was how Ben Grimm somehow defeats the Immortal Hulk with “heart” at the last minute. Something just didn’t smell right about that aspect of the issue. This reviewer was hoping that once Ben realized the Puppet Master was pulling the strings, he’d find a way of shaking Hulk loose. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. However, Slott’s line as the story ends from the Hulk when he says, “it was murder getting here. My own murder multiple times. Poor, puny, Banner kept drowning in the middle of the ocean…”, was the best part of the issue. Why? Well, Slott gets the landscape of the Marvel Universe and is willing to play well with others. Continuity and connection are so important to this reviewer and it earned Slott some brownie points from this IMMORTAL HULK fan. Slott simply gets it.


If you’re looking for a fun, quick reader involving old school behemoths, this issue is for you. If you’re looking for straight-up action with dynamic art, this issue is for you. If you’re looking for a writer who doesn’t view his book as more important than the rest, is a team player, and truly loves Marvel Comics, Slott is your guy. Pick this issue up for some high-quality entertainment as well as some ROCKY vibes. “ Yo Alicia, I did it!”


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