Fantastic Four #12 Review

Writer: Dan Slott and Jeremy Whitley

Art: Sean Izakkse, Wil Robson, Marcia Menyz, Daniele Orlandini, Greg Menzie, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Esad Ribic

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 31st, 2019

Ben and Alicia finally get to go on their honeymoon. Time for some much-needed rest and relaxation right?…..Or not

The Honeymoon Crasher: On Yancy Street, Reed fits Ben with a chronometer counting down from 12 hours. When it runs down to zero Ben will transform into his human form. Just in time for his honeymoon! Once on a remote Island in the tropics, their baggage boy makes a mysterious phone call after bringing Ben and Alicia to their bungalow. Later at sea something jets thru the water so fast that it sinks a boat. It’s heading towards the island.

Alicia presents Ben a wedding ring for a normal-sized person so he can wear it when he transforms.

A large object bursts out of the sea onto the beach. It’s the Hulk. He not only wants to fight Ben, but he also wants to kill him. We then switch to see Alicia’s father, the Puppet Master, and he’s holding a clay figure of the Hulk! They continue to fight as Alicia gets trapped beneath some rubble from the fight. Ben tells the Hulk he’s got all the time in the world, not realizing his time is almost up until he transforms! To be continued…

Speed of Light: On an asteroid, the Future Foundation, lead by Alex Power is on a mission trying to find and fix the Molecule Man. It’s not going very well. They need to devise a plan before they run out of light and are consumed by monsters.

Meanwhile, on Earth Alex’s sister, Julie is in a depressed state. She broke up with her girlfriend and is flunking out of college.

Back on the asteroid, the Future Foundation comes up with a plan to use Dragon Man to teleport Alex within 50 meters of the person that is “best equipped” to help the Future Foundation. Dragon Man and Alex are teleported into Julie’s apartment. They talk briefly but quickly teleport back to the ship on the asteroid where Julie saves the day by moving at the speed of light. She also wants to join her brother and help run the Future Foundation… To be continued in Future Foundation #1

I’m a big fan of the Fantastic Four and have been reading many issues from the 1960s. Dan Slott does a great job of recreating the exact feel that Stan Lee gave Marvel’s first family 60 some years ago. And make no mistake, this is a family book. That’s what makes it so good. It’s funny, and it’s romantic but not in a forced way. It’s a quick read that had me smiling throughout.

The Future Foundation story also follows in the same vein as a family book. This story serves as a great set up to their ongoing series starting soon.

Final Thoughts:

Marvel really has a book for everyone. If you’re looking for a family-based superhero book that perfectly represents the good and bad of a family unit, this book is for you.


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  1. I might jump on with this issue. Im not really big unto the F4, but I like Ben and Im a Hulk fan. So I had to dabble with this issue, which I thought would be a one-and-done. But if Im coming back for the next issue, I may actually try my hand with this run.

  2. Your “warning” should read “Contains Nothing BUT Spoilers.” This is a SUMMARY, not a review. What is the POINT of just listing everything that happens in the book? Learn what a review is, before you write any more of them, please.

    1. great…a reviewer of reviews! Can I be a reviewer of reviewers of reviews next???

      “Superstan52 was polite, but his overuse of all caps in his review of the review seemed a LITTLE bit extraneous and overdone. Overall though, I think he might want to START his own site and DO his own reviews.” 4.6/10

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