Fallen Angels #4 Review

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill

Art: Szymon Kudranski, Frank D’Armata, VC’s Joe Sabino, Tom Muller, Ashley Witter, David Nakayama

Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 18th, 2019

Psylocke’s past persists to haunt her as she molds her team into a fighting force in this week’s all-new FALLEN ANGELS #4 by Bryan Edward Hill. However, as Apoth continues to threaten her crew, will Psylocke be able to save both the children and Cable in time? Let’s slash into this issue and find out!

Hill continues his run with a rather fascinating but confusing installment with Psylocke and the ”Mutant Warriors Three”. Readers learn a bit more about Apoth, Psylocke’s relationship to this new god, which appears to be artificial intelligence, and how much Psylocke really cares about Xavier’s vision of mutantkind. Sure, this issue definitely had it’s share of imaginative moments from binary children to Psylocke’s view of free will and peace. However, this strangely peculiar issue continues to be overly complex, dry and feels way too familiar to other tales encountered in additional media outlets including other comics.

A story that began as a curious discovery into Kwannon’s past THEN twisted into her training experienced fighters who have seen their fair share of combat. NOW, this issue morphed the series into what emerged to be some type of possible Skynet-ish/ Brother Eye storyline about an artificial intelligence who reads the Bible and wants to take over the world as a god. Fans, this story simply feels too typical and frankly unimpressive. How many movies or stories talk about technology taking over the world? How many stories within Marvel Comics alone are about this very same thing?

With its erratic jumps from scene to scene, the disjointed cohesion of the plot was only made worse by Szymon Kudranski and Frank D’Armata extremely dark coloring and tone of the comic. This reviewer struggled on multiple reads to decipher which female character was talking throughout many of the panels while Hill’s character voice became indistinguishable at times between Laura and Kwannon. Readers, what have we actually learned from this story?

1. Psylocke/ Kwannon hates Betsy Braddock. (already knew that)

2. Psylocke/ Kwannon is a stronger and more skilled combatant than Cable and Laura. (umm not true)

3. Psylocke/ Kwannon believes that peace actually brings death. (this is just silly)

4. And now, Psylocke/ Kwannon’s awkwardly the mother of an A.I. because she didn’t destroy it years ago. (Mother of A.I. instead of Mother of Dragons)

Yup, this isn’t a story. It’s just pieces of information about a character sporadically thrown at fans each and every issue.


Readers, this issue is unequivocally better than the last. However, with the utterly confusing plot that appears to be jumping from issue to issue, as well as the poor portrayal and indiscernible character voices between the two female leads, this story continues to leave this reviewer at a loss each and every issue. If you’re searching for an X-Book, this isn’t the one to dive into or get your feet wet. If you’re a huge Kwannon fan, then this story ”may” be what you’re looking for. And if Laura or Cable are the reason your hanging in there, this reviewer would simply tell you to look elsewhere at this point. With the rapid release of X-Books, this series just isn’t getting the job done and continues to disappoint.





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