Dragonfly and Dragonflyman #3 Review

Main Writer: Tom Peyer

Main Art: Peter Krause, Andy Troy, Paul Little, Rob Steen, and Jamal Igle

Additional Writers: Matt Brady, Tyrone Finch, and Lisa R. Jonté

Additional Art: Joe Orsak, Shawn Crystal, and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Publisher: AHOY COMICS

Release Date: January 8th, 2020

Price: $3.99

As Earth-Omega’s Stinger and Dragonfly continue to feud, Earth-Alpha’s dynamic duo tries to find a new way to move forward after Devil Man’s infernal temptations last issue. Are Stinger-Omega and Dragonfly beyond repair? And, who is this new Lady Dragonflyman? Let’s jump into this week’s DRAGONFLY AND DRAGONFLYMAN #3 by Tom Peyer and find out!

Now that fans of THE WRONG EARTH and the universes surrounding everyone’s favorite crime-fighting bug are three issues into Peyer’s run, readers finally get a solid foundation as to the style, design, and feel of this series. Peyer makes this title fun, interesting, and amplifies each universe’s characteristics and circumstances to the reader. Earth-Alpha continues to be this nostalgic take on crimefighting while Earth-Omega’s harsh, realistic grit continues to float to the surface. However, as much as Peyer proceeds to highlight the elements that made a certain DC Comics character a household name, this issue felt as though the story has kind of stalled out.

Don’t get me wrong, this series has been a blast. Each read has been wildly entertaining while showcasing some amazing, well-written dialogue. Peyer’s story has been incredibly straightforward, easy to jump into, and even quirky at times, especially in Earth-Alpha. However, the mystery and fascination that was in THE WRONG EARTH simply haven’t arrived yet. This reviewer is still scouring for the overall purpose. The series merely feels like parallel stories jumping back and forth between each other with little connective tissue causing this fan to question the motive of the comic. Are these simple mini-stories or will they somehow connect together?

Personally, something big feels like it’s building In the relationship between Stinger-Omega and Dragonfly. Something definitely feels on the horizon. However, how does that story fit with Earth-Alpha, especially after this issue which was so Earth-Alpha heavy? My hope is that Peyer has a plan in the works and these mini-stories are all building to something substantial. Past practice with the writer, as well as the character, leads me to believe this isn’t random stories thrown together and that there is an “end game” to this narrative. That said, this reviewer needs that carrot or cliffhanger to show up really soon and was actually hoping to see it in this issue. Hopefully, DRAGONFLY AND DRAGONFLYMAN #4 will have that “wow” moment that this fan is searching for.


Fans of Dragonfly and Dragonflyman will enjoy this easy to follow issue and will leave reminiscent of two dynamic styles related to a specific Caped Crusader of yore. The issue is quick, well-paced, and will definitely hold your attention from start to finish. However, this reviewer clearly senses the issue, as well as the series, is lacking in weight making the stakes appear nonexistent. Where is it all leading and how do the two stories truly relate? My hope is that Peyer has something huge brewing for the next issue. Otherwise, this series may end up being as ho-hum as Earth-Alpha when it’s all said and done. That said, everyone will find something to appreciate from this comic and this critic still recommends this issue, as well as this series, moving forward. Give it a look and let me know what you think.


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