Doctor Strange #17 Review

Writer: Mark Waid

Art: Barry Kitson, Brian Reber, Scott Koblish, VC’s Cory Petit, and Jesús Saiz

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 14th, 2019

The stakes have never been higher for Stephen Strange as “Herald Supreme” reaches its climax in this week’s all-new DOCTOR STRANGE #17 by Mark Waid. Not only is the Multiverse in jeopardy but so is the love of Stephen’s life! Can Strange save both existence and Clea? Let’s find out!


Mark Waid concludes this “galactic” adventure with an interesting and inventive twist in this week’s strange tale. At times, the issue was really heavy and a bit confusing. However, towards the end of the comic, Waid was able to put the pieces back together and reconnect the story back to issue 12 where everything began. Attempting to deal with the Living Tribunal and Eternity, is an extremely daunting task for any writer. That said, Waid used his expertise to find a new and clever way of stopping the Devourer of Worlds while also moving the story in a new direction.

Even though Waid’s resourcefulness shined through, the complexities of the issue still weighed down the issue at times complicating certain aspects of the story that could have been glossed over without hindering the narrative. For example, the focus leaned more towards a deal with Mephisto, which was how Doctor Strange was able to survive Galactus’ implosion and destruction of the universe. However, this reviewer was confused as to why Hades survived but every other dimension didn’t. The purpose was obviously to redirect the series moving forward through these last couple issues. That said, this angle made the beginning of the comic cumbersome and threw this reviewer out of the narrative for the middle chunk of the story.

Now not only was Waid able to creatively explore new avenues with Stephen Strange, but Barry Kitson, Brian Reber, and Scott Koblish were given the opportunity to really let loose, especially at the beginning of the issue. Kitson, Reber, and Koblish were given the opportunity to draw some of the largest and most impressive Marvel creations throughout the entire history of the Marvel Universe. From Cosmic Beings to Galactic Entities, this artistic team proved throughout each panel what they are capable of and that they are more than ready for a huge Marvel Event. Reber’s colors were extremely bright and vibrant while Koblish’s finishes were thoroughly polished. Kitson and Waid have shown time and again how well they work together and this issue was no different.

Waid and his team continued to show how truly inspired their story has been and this issue is no exception. Waid’s crafty and clever writing prowess emanates throughout each page and this reviewer truly believes it’s contagious, especially after witnessing the visual display by this art team. It really will be sad to see this union between character and creative team divorce in the next coming months. Sure, there have been some extremely hard to decipher moments that just didn’t hit home due to their hefty nature, but Waid simply has a way of experimenting with new ideas and guiding readers through some new and intriguing terrain that just works.


By the Demons of Denak, if you like huge events that seem to shape the very fabric of the Marvel Universe, this issue is definitely for you. Waid literally has Doctor Strange magically piece the entire Marvel Universe back together from its origin until the meeting with Zoloz in issue 12. That’s not a small feat. Additionally, if you love Cosmic or Otherworldly Beings and concepts that could truly blow your mind, this issue is for you as well. With only a couple more issues to go, let Waid and Kitson cast a spell on you that this reviewer is sure you’ll never forget.


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