Doctor Strange #15 Review

Storytellers: Barry Kitson and Mark Waid

Finisher: Scott Koblish

Colors: Brian Reber

Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 26th, 2019

With a fresh alter-dimensional feast and an alliance with Dormammu, Galactus has never been more terrifying in this week’s all new DOCTOR STRANGE #15 by Mark Waid. Do a reunited Doctor Strange and Clea have a chance to stop them? By the Omnipotent Oshtur, let’s jump into the issue and find out!


Mark Waid opens the issue getting right down to it by showing new readers the true arrogance of Dormammu. Instantly, fans see Dormammu call Galactus “his” Herald and we all know how that is going to end. The Devourer of Worlds answers to no one. This review loved the opening because it immediately throws readers into the driver’s seat of the story. Why? Well, the last issue ends with $&@$ hitting the fan and Dormammu running the show. However, that’s crap because Galactus answers to no one and straight up kills Dormammu, which this reviewer was not expecting. But, is Dormammu really dead? Hmmm…

Not only did the story entice this reviewer but Barry Kitson, Scott Koblish, and Brian Reber outright shined throughout this issue bring this cosmic spectacle to astronomical proportions. These guys had the opportunity to draw some of the biggest heavyweights from Galactus to the Living Tribunal and did so magnificently. Their knack for detail simply elevated this issue and drew this fan into the story holding me tight throughout the entire issue. Excellent job to this art team and their captivating abilities throughout each and every panel.

That said, one part did come off as a bit corny. When Tony Stark says “science itself is being rewritten”, how does one know this? And why would someone come right out and say it that way? This reviewer understands the point that it’s difficult to explain to a reader how the laws of science and nature are changing BUT maybe something this difficult should be shown and told through narration instead of cheesy dialogue from characters.

In addition, this reviewer had even more confusion throughout the issue. Why are so many non-magic people involved? This reviewer gets the idea that everyone (science and mystic) should help but Galactus is stuck in the mystical world. It just feels like this pandemic should be more of a sorcerer problem than anything else. Furthermore, this fan appreciated that Mark Waid got Eternity and the Living Tribunal involved because it helped explain why beings of such power would not get involved. So, Waid explains it… I guess… but the logic is fuzzy and a bit over this comic fans head. Maybe this reviewer is an idiot (probably)? But the explanation didn’t make a ton of sense.

Consequently, the big idea behind this arc is still confusing. Who cares if science and magic mix up? This reviewer feels like the two were naturally mixed up anyway. Doctor Strange lives in the more “scientific” realm and performs magical acts all the time. Therefore, it seems like the realms are already intertwined, right? Also, Mephisto appears to have set up Dormammu, organized and orchestrated Galactus to come to the mystical realm solely to work out a deal with the Good Doctor. Why? How could a deal with Doctor Strange be more important than Galactus destroying both realms for the Devil? Wouldn’t Mephisto be able to make deals with practically every sorcerer and hero alike to save the universe benefitting him more than simply Doctor Strange alone? The premise just seemed shaky and weird in order to have Strange say, “I owe you one.

After hearing that the series will be ending after Issue 20, this DOCTOR STRANGE fan was simply hoping for more. The story has been sluggish lately and began back in issue 12. Now, this is only the fourth straight issue on the Devourer of Worlds BUT where has the arc gone? Galactus made his way into the mystical realm four issues ago and nothing has really changed. In addition, if the idea of mixing the science and mystical realms together is truly a bad idea, why didn’t Strange get “our” heroes involved sooner? No offense to Waid, but most readers don’t know the magical players in the Marvel Comic Universe. The focus of the arc should have been the last two pages of this comic almost two issues ago.


This reviewer is a bit disappointed that the series is almost over AND that the arc has been muttering lately. That said, Waid is a fantastic writer and Barry Kitson leads an amazing art team. However, with four issues left, this reviewer doesn’t want them to hold anything back. This Strange fan wants something tremendously larger-than-life to close this run-up! Doctor Strange as Galactus’ Herald was so dang cool but somewhere along the way, Waid’s story got too deep and long-winded. This reviewer has no doubt that Waid and steer this puppy back on track and end with a bang! If you’ve been reading the series to this point, hang in there and continue to read it through to the end. The issue had its heavy moments but in general, it held this reviewers attention even through the confusing moments. Give it a read and tell me what you think!


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