Devils Reign Superior Four 1-1

Devil’s Reign: Superior Four #1 Review

Devils Reign Superior Four 1-7

Writer: Zac Thompson

Art: Davide Tinto, Matt Milla, VC’s Ariana Maher, and Ivan Shavrin

Price: $4.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: January 12th, 2022

With the FANTASTIC FOUR either detained or hiding out, Mayor Fisk has bestowed the Baxter Building to none other than Otto Octavius! Well, what pray tell does Doc Ock want with the Baxter Building? Let’s dive into DEVIL’S REIGN: SUPERIOR FOUR #1 by Zac Thompson and Davide Tinto to see what Otto has in store for this DEVIL’S REIGN event.

Devils Reign Superior Four 1-3

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Tell me if you heard this one before? Guy goes across the multiverse sniffing out variants of himself. Well, if you’ve recently seen LOKI on Disney Plus, Jonathan Hickman’s AVENGERS and FANTASTIC FOUR runs, as well as the movie by Jet Li called THE ONE, then the premise should sound familiar. So, is that basically what’s happening in DEVIL’S REIGN: SUPERIOR FOUR? Not quite. There is more to it under the surface with even more wrinkles to wet your whistle in order to make this series super interesting. However, it does provide the backdrop for the title with a few creative twists.

Devils Reign Superior Four 1-6

Yet, while some might be turned away from this variant connection, I’m totally on board. I love Multiversal Mayhem, the science fiction element, and to add an extra layer it has Otto Octavius which is the cherry on top. Surprisingly, the biggest turn-off of DEVIL’S REIGN: SUPERIOR FOUR #1 is the fact that this tie-in literally has nothing to do with DEVIL’S REIGN.

Devils Reign Superior Four 1-5

This series could simply take place completely separate from this event and still be the exact same other than the location of where it all happens. Otherwise, it doesn’t need to be a DEVIL’S REIGN tie-in nor should anyone buy it for that purpose. However, I highly recommend the read for anyone interested in multiverse-hopping shenanigans, extremely entertaining action, and tons of Otto Octavius! Moreover, Davide Tinto gets to use his talents to explore some unique looks at Otto which adds an outstanding layer to the issue that makes DEVIL’S REIGN: SUPERIOR FOUR #1 wildly entertaining.

Devils Reign Superior Four 1-1


DEVIL’S REIGN: SUPERIOR FOUR #1 is loads of fun, creative within the variant landscape, and returns the Doc Ock many have missed for quite some time. The arrogant, brash, overly confident, yet incessantly ridiculous SPIDER-MAN villain is fully back and in rare form. So, Otto fans should gobble this book right up. However, DEVIL’S REIGN fans need not apply. There really is no connection to the event other than where it all takes place. If you’re interested in something different and entertaining, this is a solid pick-up. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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