DCeased: Dead Planet #4 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Trevor Hairsine, Gigi Baldassini, and David Finch

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 6th, 2020

The Justice League is almost out of time. And, if they don’t move quickly, our heroes won’t be able to unlock the Anti-Life antidote as they come across a lethal new menace on Earth… and of course the hordes of the undead! The team has one more Hail Mary left in the playbook in order to orchestrate a cure. However, this Philly Special takes them off-world for one of the greatest heists in history. Let’s dive into DCEASED: DEAD PLANET #4 by Tom Taylor to see if our JUSTICE LEAGUE is any closer to a cure.

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As far as DCEASED titles and issues go, DCEASED: DEAD PLANET #3 was certainly one of the best. So, it’s rather difficult to follow suit with back to back killer issues. Frankly, every issue has been top notch to date mixing the zombie/ horror motif extremely well with the DC COMICS Superhero vibe. This creative outfit has had some unmistakable insight into this series and genre. However, there were a few items that seemed a bit off this issue.

The lark between characters was certainly humorous at times but it just wasn’t too agreeable with me this go around. Don’t get me wrong, Taylor normally has a great aptitude for representing the cast well but this issue seemed as though the characters were clearly talking to regurgitate plot information to force the story forward more so than character development and natural progression. Furthermore, as someone who wasn’t a huge fan of Tom King’s MISTER MIRACLE, this reviewer wasn’t too keen on seeing elements of that series make their way into the DCEASED landscape.

Even though these problems might sound like big deals to me, they really aren’t compared to the pacing of the issue. The most interesting parts were with the interactions/ fight with Metron, however, the story blazes right past that plot device and merely acknowledges how pointless this part was within the context of the issue. This is the aspect that should have been the most robust in this week’s installment. Additionally, where is the fallout, weight, or even significances of this issue for our heroes? There seems to be very little risks with everything falling to them naturally. Why is that? There needs to be more friction, anxiety, and dilemma. Maybe it’s because I’m used to it from prior installments of the DCEASED series’? But this issue just seemed a bit flat with potential left dangling all over the place.


On the plus side, the cliffhanger is remarkable and Taylor has really loaded up his plate for what’s to come next issue. Fans of the NEW GODS, Tom King’s MISTER MIRACLE, and diehard DCEASED fans will love this issue. And, even though I appear to have disparaged this issue quite a bit, I do so from the perspective of what could have been. The potential that I feel like was there and slipped away was what disappointed this reader the most. Tom Taylor is a fantastic writer, if not currently one of the best in the market today. He simply didn’t take me through the normal rollercoaster of emotions that I expect from a DCEASED title. That said, everyone has a down issue/ day here or there, especially after DCEASED: DEAD PLANET #3!! I have no doubt Taylor and his team will bounce back with another strong performance, particularly after that cliffhanger! And keep in mind, this may be a lower issue for Taylor. But, his worst outing is oftentimes better than so many on the market today.


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