DC Preview – Future State: Batman/ Superman #2

Future State: Batman/ Superman #2 Synopsis: Superman has fallen deep into the Magistrate’s Kryptonite caverns, and now he’s at the mercy of a gruesomely transformed Professor Pyg! So, what do animalistic body modification and caves of Kryptonite have to do with the Magistrate’s growing fascist state in Gotham City? That’s what Batman needs to find out as the race against time to save the Man of Steel nears its end! All we know for sure is that during this battle, something happened that drove a wedge between Bruce and Clark. Discover the answers in the conclusion that will rock the World’s Finest to their core!

written by GENE LUEN YANG

art by BEN OLIVER, SCOTT McDANIEL, and others


card stock variant cover by ARTHUR ADAMS

ON SALE 2/23/21

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 2 OF 2 | FC | DC


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