Darkwing Duck #1 Review

Writer: Amanda Deibert
Art: Carlos Lauro
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 25th, 2023

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Fans of the classic Darkwing Duck animated show from the ‘90’s will certainly enjoy this comic. Darkwing Duck #1 finds the Terror that flaps in the night in another adventure, and it feels just like an episode of the show. This issue is fun for the whole family. Whether you are a longtime fan of the Masked Mallard or just diving into the world of St. Canard for the first time, this issue has something for everyone. It even presents a lesson for both kids and adults alike. It definitely nails Darkwing’s massive ego, but hopefully the next issue will have a little more humor as well. The funniest part was the return of Darkwing’s annoying neighbor, Herb Muddlefoot. Jim Cummings’ voice definitely came through the dialogue for both Darkwing and Herb.


The art in Darkwing Duck #1 is very reminiscent of the show. The expressions, colors and styles all reflect the feel of the show, but it is also mixed with something more modern. For instance, Gosalyn Mallard, at one point, dresses in a look that resembles that of pop singer Billie Eilish, and there are modern cell phones.


Darkwing Duck #1 is a fun-filled jaunt back into the world of St. Canard and it brings back childhood nostalgia for those who loved watching the show. It has exciting adventure, the return of familiar friends and foes of Darkwing Duck, and even an underlying lesson for both kids and adults. What adventures might await the guardian of St. Canard in future issues?


3 thoughts on “Darkwing Duck #1 Review

  1. Sorry, but I’m still mad that Disney fired Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani from this series. Especially given that their run ended with like a dozen unresolved cliffhangers.

  2. I’m not sure if they were fired, just not asked to come back. But yes, nevertheless, I agree and I hope they allow them another shot to resolve their story. Though I follow Aaron Sparrow on Instagram, and it sounds like their planning on releasing the rest of their stories to fans for free online. I’m still excited for this new Darkwing comic though!

    1. But even if they do put the stories up online, won’t Disney just force them to take them down? I highly doubt Disney would be okay with a free, better Darkwing Duck comic taking attention away from this one.

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