Dark Nights: Death Metal: Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! #1 Review

Writers: Frank Tieri, Becky Cloonan, and Sam Humphries

Artists: Tyler Kirkham, Rags Morales, Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, Arif Prianto, Andrew Dalhouse, Chris Sotomayor, Dave Sharpe, Kyle Hotz, Dan Brown, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $5.99

Release Date: November 10th, 2020

Let me begin this review by saying that I’ve never really been a huge Lobo fan. Sure, I know enough about the Main Man to hold my own in an average conversation about this Bastich of a dipstick. But, needless to say, my Lobo lore is weak compared to many others in the DCU. That said, was it just me, or was this issue brilliantly ludicrous?! Words like wicked, insane, preposterous, and absurd simply fall short of the mark. I was not expecting to like this comic as much as I did. Truthfully, on the surface, it looked like just another silly DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL tie in that would amount to nothing more than $&@$ and giggles. However, before your through reading this, you’ll certainly feel like this issue ”liven’ up the joint!”. Let’s dive into DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL – INFINITE HOUR EXXXTREME! #1 by Frank Tieri, Becky Cloonan, and Sam Humphries as we see just how this issue gets our colons all wound up!

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Readers, you won’t be able to help but smile at the sheer ridiculousness of this issue. It’s beyond over the top… but somehow… it worked! Ultimately, the Main Man mixes it up with a couple of other Dark Batmen that wrap itself up into the guts of the main series and ushers us right into the next issue of DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL. Plus, with talents like Bill Sienkiewicz, Tyler Kirkham, Denys Cowan, and Rags Morales this issue simply pops with stunning illustrations and visuals that really (if I could channel my inner Lobo) kick you where you wipe! The utter chaos and havoc throughout this issue ironically making this issue of DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL – INFINITE HOUR EXXXTREME! #1 come alive in a spectacular way.

Comic fans, this is a dark comedy and exceedingly violent. If that’s your thing, this issue is in your wheelhouse. Furthermore, the concept of a Bat-Lobo is just downright bizarre and frankly dumb. Nonetheless, this creative team submerges themselves within that idea and runs with it masterfully half-joking and poking fun at themselves and what they’re supposed to be doing along the way. DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL – INFINITE HOUR EXXXTREME! #1 is hilarious and doesn’t stop with the lunacy that’s Lobo-Batman. And on top of that, the Batmen in this issue get crazier and crazier. That said, this issue isn’t needed to completely understand DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL. Nevertheless, I still think it’s worth the read, especially for Lobo fans or even comic book fans following DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL that are looking for absurdity and an escape from the nonsense that is the real world right now.


Lunacy. Madness. Rubbish. Utter Nonsense. All of these words describe this issue… But I loved it! Normally, this type of insanity just doesn’t work for me. Nevertheless, it did in this DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL installment. Readers, it was pure fun as long as you can suspend some disbelief for about 20 minutes. Moreover, this issue is stellar even down to the last page. I mean, they don’t call him the Main Man for nothing, do they?! Pick this issue up and let me know what you think.


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