Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 Review



Publisher: DC COMICS

Release Date: January 5th, 2021

Price: $5.99

The Darkest Knight is on the brink of terminating everything once and for all. Nevertheless, Wonder Woman stands ready to thwart the Darkest Knight, all by herself! And if that wasn’t enough, this extra-sized culminating installment encompasses two epilogues that lead directly into DC COMICS next phase. Let’s dive into DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL #7 by Scott Snyder to see how this current “state” wraps up before the FUTURE STATE begins.

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It’s finally here. The ending we’ve all been waiting for… I think. How in the world will Scott Snyder wrap this story up? To this point, things have been all over the place. Dark versions of all of our favorite characters with multiple tie-ins, next-level madness that includes Black Lantern rings, plans on top of plans that would make your head spin, and convoluted crisis energies that somehow restored all knowledge of every past incarnation of our heroes are just a few of the insane aspects of this restoration project that rise to the top. And notice what I called this event, a “restoration project”. Readers, that’s exactly what Snyder was trying to do with all of this from the beginning. Now, did he succeed? Yes and No. Let’s take a look.

To fix what’s been wrong with DC Comics, something drastic would need to happen. Enter Scott Snyder to which I give the most sincere props for this event. Sure, it was just too much for this reviewer to handle. Plus, the ideas oftentimes came across as ridiculous fan fiction explained away with nonsense. However, Snyder had an incredibly daunting task at hand and went back to the well of DARK NIGHTS: METAL to fix all of DC COMICS mistakes since… well… every other DC event. And ultimately, by the time this issue ends, readers will know where we stand moving forward without hesitation. The future will be clear with new possible adventures waiting at our fingertips as DC FUTURE STATE begins.

But as for this ending tale, can I just say I’m getting tired of events building up to one last epic fight that’s not a fight at all? After everything the Darkest Knight has done, we see two huge punches between Diana and the Darkest Knight that send them spelunking through time only for it to end with… the creators of the multiverses (cough… cough… the writers) saying that they’ve had a change of heart. Why? Well, because DC heroes and villains fought to the brink even though they knew everything would end anyway. Really?!? So, because everyone was willing to sacrifice themselves to stop evil worlds they would never be apart of, these beings (writers) were willing to recreate the universe, restore everything, and add a few extra bells and whistles to the process. Gotcha boss! Whatever helps you sleep at night. But that’s just a bunch of blabber like a bubbly-jock.

Readers, when I try to ponder everything that’s happening in the lead up to this event, as well as DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL itself, it makes my brain hurt. It’s just too much that’s unexplained and covered up with epic new characters from alternate realities to mask the lack of a cohesive story that makes no sense. Superman battling another Superman that’s the sun itself is bad$&$! Batman using a Black Lantern Ring to unleash a zombie horde of our favorite characters to stop evil versions of himself is also some next level $&@$! But that can’t hide the unexplained plot holes and random narrative justifications that just didn’t work to get us to where we are. Was it explained well enough as to why Diana is God-Level and how she managed to get that way faster than the Darkest Knight? I guess…


Again, I just needed more substance and better explanations to buy all of this. That said, I’m so ridiculously happy for DC FUTURE STATE and beyond! I need continuity. I need order. I need writers to work well with one another and research their characters before writing. I need more thought, more planning, and more organization in my comics. I hope that DC FUTURE STATE will lead us all down that path again. I feel like DC REBIRTH started that way… and simply took a turn along with Geoff Johns and veggie trays. I feel like they had plans and as soon as the Mr. Oz stuff happened with multiple Supermen, things just started going downhill fast. But now, we can all move on thanks to Scott Snyder. Is it the best story ever? No. Is it the best event ever? Not even close. But was it entertaining while fixing so many deficiencies? Absolutely!! This issue is worth a read even if it’s merely to see how things end before this new FUTURE STATE begins. I recommend taking a look even if you’ve bailed simply to get the lay of the land while checking out some epic imagination at its finest. Just be prepared to suspend a tone of disbelief and you’ll find yourself right at home.


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