Dark Knights of Steel #3 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto, and Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 4th, 2021

The comic you never knew you needed nor wanted is back with issue three as storms flare-up between King Jefferson, the House of El, and now the Amazons. Undoubtedly, a World War is on the horizon with an El smack dab in the center using their abilities to crumble Kings and Kingdoms. Tom Taylor continues his tale in DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL #3 this week as alliances are made, rulers fall, and the story escalates towards an intriguing conclusion. Let’s dive into this week’s DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL and see what’s afoot in this Medieval DC COMICS realm.

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Jefferson and Hippolyta take center stage this week as Taylor takes a more democratic approach to the story this week. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the story is swimming with dialogue. Readers will still get some brutal butchery this week by a certain raging Kryptonian. However, the true dynamic nature of DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL #3 is more on the shoulders of Yasmine Putri and her storytelling as opposed to Taylor’s synopsis and dialogue.

Ultimately, Taylor uses this issue to get the characters up to speed on what’s going on and who appears to be behind it all. Readers have already seen who went off their rocker in the last issue. And technically, only the House of El appears to be left in the shadows as to what exactly is happening. Now, it’s not that I’m necessarily upset with the issue as much as I’m just perplexed as to why Taylor needed to spend a majority of this story catching characters up on the surroundings. I feel like we could have received a better balance as well as divulged a bit more new information to the story. Yet, the biggest reveal is what’s about to transpire next issue.

Granted, DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL #4 will be a great story. And, who wouldn’t want to know the origin of this Medieval BATMAN? Nevertheless, what’s troubling is that this 6-issue mini-series just spent one issue recapping characters and another giving us the backstory of BATMAN next month. So, where is the evolution of THIS story? When will we find out more about Zala and her motives? Simply put: the story’s advancement just felt stuck in the mud this week and could be summarized in about two sentences. When that occurs, it just begins to take the sails out of the series.

Nevertheless, if anyone can provide that extra gust at the last minute to propel this series forward before its conclusion, it’s most certainly Tom Taylor. Plus, if my assumption is correct, I foresee another series spiraling out of DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL anyway. Thus, if that’s the case, wasting an issue getting characters up to speed with the readers isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


The art is where the story is truly told this week. Yasmine Putri takes Zala to new heights and showcases the sheer brutality that’s fostering the eventual war between these Kingdoms. Plus, thanks to Wes Abbott, each impaling collision is violently portrayed with lettering that amplifies every action alongside Arif Prianto’s colors that instantly change to a blood-red after every death blow. Furthermore, the seriousness of each scene is magnified as Putri designs the backgrounds of those pertinent scenes to drop out leaving only the silence of the individual in their thoughts. Moreover, Putri guides the reader masterfully throughout each action sequence and vicious melee.


Again, without Putri and this artistic creative team this week leveling up with some fierce action, DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL #3 would have fallen flat on its face. Taylor merely filled in the gaps and caught up the characters in the story. It was Putri that brought the intensity and savagery that made this issue memorable. Zala is certainly a force to be reckon with and thanks to this art team, readers get to see her fully unhinged. Now, as far as the series goes, I’m still all in, especially with the backstory of BATMAN coming up next issue. Nevertheless, this was probably the least explosive and by far my least favorite issue to this point.

Just keep in mind, a down issue for Taylor is still one heck of a read compared to so many others out there today. If you’re invested in the series, you still need to read DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL #3. Plus, this issue won’t deter you from continuing in this Medieval adventure. Nevertheless, the story doesn’t really progress and readers will be left wanting a bit more story than they get this week. Good thing Putri was lights out this week to balance out this ordinary tale. Let me know what you think, have a great start to 2022, and God Bless!


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