Daredevil #7 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Lalit Kumar Sharma, Jay Leisten, Java Tartaglia, and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Price: $3.99

Release Date: Jun 19, 2019

Chip Zdarsky masterfully shows readers the new status quo moving forward as well as the main characters inner demons in this week’s all-new DAREDEVIL #7. Let’s see what’s happening in this issue!



Kingpin is OUT! Really?!?! That was a shock. Plus, he’s setting his sights on something bigger. So, what might that be? Governor? President? Maybe something even bigger? This reviewer doesn’t see how Wilson Fisk can stay out of the game long AND this fan is pretty sure he’ll actually still be in the game pulling strings from the shadows. How could you step away?

There is NO WAY Fisk will ever be out. But, Zdarsky’s motives make sense. If you accomplished your dreams, your goals, and your aspirations, what’s next? Contentment and boredom unless you expand your goal. Think about it. Wilson won. He became Mayor, survived a city take over from the Hand and some demon creature, almost died, Matt Murdock’s constant attempts to bring him down, AND not to mention the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Point is, Zdarsky is spot on with the character development of Fisk and I loved every minute of it, including the bank vault meeting. That $&@$ was sinisterly powerful.


Zdarsky’s ending was simply spectacular. Seeing Matt Murdock sit on his bed calling in robberies one after another was a perfect character portrayal of what a “retired” superhero/vigilante would be doing. Matt can’t leave his old life behind even if he wanted too. In addition, he still hears all the horrors from every corner of the city he once desperately saved. How could he tune them out?

Zdarsky’s depiction of Daredevil was spot on and actually incredibly heartbreaking, not to mention Murdock’s meltdown as he crossed paths with the brother of the man he killed. Matt is a hot mess, completely unstable, and still severely affected by what he did. However, this reviewer feels that was Zdarsky’s point with this issue, which he nails, including the blind comparison between Murdock and Paul the Apostle. This had to be one of the best scenes in the issue. Zdarsky really is a literary wizard and his research and creativity are truly stunning.


I really hope Cole doesn’t become Daredevil or I should say IS already Daredevil. It’s too predictable. Currently, it looks like random people are stepping up to be “Daredevil”, which is the city itself realizing how important the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is to it’s well being and survival. Heck, this fans guess is that Cole is noticing Daredevil’s importance to the city and will soon champion his return especially after realizing how dirty the cops are in New York. Will there be a heart-to-heart in Cole and Matt’s future? Will Cole take on the mantle? We shall see.

This issue wasn’t overly exciting but it was informative and really developed the characters as well as their directions moving forward. My score would be much higher if there was just a bit more excitement. That said, It was still truly remarkable to see Zdarsky look at three main characters in the series all it different spots and levels of anguish, success, and mistrust in their lives yet all are lost and in search of direction and purpose in different ways. Any reader can see the careful planning and preparation that Zdarsky put into this issue, as well the series to this point. The art wasn’t bad by any stretch but nothing jumped out nor did it take this fan out of the story.


This issue isn’t the best jumping on point, yet I would still recommend it to any DAREDEVIL or Chip Zdarsky fan. Head to your shops and pick this one up, especially if you’ve been on board since issue one. If you’ve heard great things (and I’m sure you have), pick this one up as well as the last two issues and you should be all set! I can’t wait to see where Kingpin, Cole, and Murdock are all heading in this series moving forward. Awesome job Zdarsky!


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