Daredevil #35 Review




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The penultimate issue of the Lockdown storyline and this volume of Daredevil finds two Daredevils fighting three Bullseyes. Meanwhile, the Kingpin makes a proposal that the way things are going, will likely not be a happy ending.

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This issue is mostly one long action sequence between Elektra (yes I know she’s dressed as Daredevil, it just makes it easier to distinguish her from Matt by calling her by that name) and Bulleye(s). The battle is particularly brutal. Both physically and emotionally. Bullseye, always the sadist, likes to taunt and remind Elektra of their most famous meeting. The one that ended in Elektra’s death (only for a time, this is Marvel after all). Bullseye even goes as far as to force his hostages to dress and pose in the famous comic panel of Bullseye preparing to stab Elektra with her own Sai.  

Elektra holds her own while systematically taking out each clone of Bullseye until there is one left. Almost out of nowhere, Matt shows up to land a final blow to Bullseye’s head. Elektra stops Matt from beating Bullseye to his death. Which is a nice role reversal from Elektra’s early appearances decades ago. The Avengers show up to help even though it turns out they aren’t needed except to stand between Matt and the Police who are trying to arrest him for escaping prison previously. The issue ends with the Kingpin and Typhoid Mary, his love, protecting him from a Bullseye that got away from Elektra. On an almost uplifting note, Kingpin proposes marriage to Mary as he pulls her body off a window ledge.

The fight choreography between Elektra and Bulleye is great. Elektra has always looked like she‘s dancing while fighting. Here that continues with every step planned. All her training as an assassin taught her to plan one step ahead all the time. The back and forth between her and Bullseye is almost like a chess match where each opponent tries to outmaneuver the other. This is Elektra at her best while wearing the Daredevil costume which makes it all the more frustrating when Matt shows up out of nowhere and knocks Bullseye out. It’s like Elektra did all the work but Matt gets the credit. Even Spider-man comments to the Police about Matt stopping Bullseye. Elektra deserved more here.

Speaking of Spider-man, the scene I mentioned with the Police felt very out of character for Spider-man. He is almost mocking the Police for trying to arrest Matt, and justifiably so since he did just escape prison after leading a riot there. Spider-man’s line to the Officer about “what have you done?” sounded mean-spirited. Spider-man and all the other superheroes standing up to the police made them all look more like vigilantes rather than heroes. Especially how defiant and looking down on the police they were. To be honest, this scene almost ruined the issue for me.


The art by Landini and Mobili does a nice job of presenting what is basically one long fight sequence. Meaning in a story like this, the artist is carrying a lot of the story. Some of the backgrounds felt a tad bland in places. But overallI liked the energetic feel of the action scenes.


Daredevil #35 is the issue before the big finale which also appears to be laying the groundwork for the upcoming “Devils’ Reign” event.  Issue 35 is likely the best showcase of showing how competent Elektra can be as the Devil of Hell’s kitchen. I just wish Matt and the other Marvel heroes didn’t show up and almost forget Elektra was even there. 




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