Damage Control #4 Review

Writers: Adam F. Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff
Art: Nathan Stockman and Ruth Redmond
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 9, 2022
Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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This rather humorous story brings back a character from the 2nd volume the Damage Control series back in 1989. Damage Control #4 features Eugene Strausser trying to become a supervillain, and trying to persuade the series’ main protagonist, Gus, to join him. For those who have read the original series, this might seem familiar to you. It’s particularly amusing when Eugene is trying to come up with different names for their diabolical partnership, as well as Gus being talked out of being a supervillain by the Wrecker’s description of prison food. The interviews with various Marvel supervillains was clever as well. Anyone looking for a lighter, goofier Marvel story will enjoy this book, especially if you’ve read the original Damage Control series.


The artwork in Damage Control #4 certainly fits the tone of the story. The slightly-exaggerated drawings and cartoony style reflects the humor of the book well. The scene where Eugene and Gus are in the back of a truck of pigs when Eugene decides their duo name should be “Green Eggs and Ham” is hilarious. The panel featuring Rhino and Juggernaut butting heads is an epic one, especially with the added sound effect.


Damage Control #4 is a funny book and those who are fans of Marvel villains and appreciate goofy humor will enjoy this book. Eugene is where most of the humor comes from. The villain interviews are reminiscent of something like The Office in the way they are depicted. This issue employs the use of humor well by showing nerdy characters attempting to be intimidating.



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