Contagion #5 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art: Adam Gorham, Jesus Aburtov, Veronica Gandini, Roge Antonio, VC’s Cory Petit, Ryan Browne, and Juan José Ryp

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 30th, 2019

As this series comes to an end, let’s see if my boy Moon Knight can get it done and save, well everything!!

As our paltry group of heroes makes their final stand, it’s up to Moon Knight and a relatively little known ally, at least to me, to save the day. Moon Knight takes center stage and I’m SO down for that!

While the segments with Moon Knight take advantage of his “unique” skill set in a very successful way, the rest of this issue doesn’t fare as well.

The flow is disjointed and the art as it was in the last issue is somewhat lacking for the most part. However, the art in the segment when Moon Knight entered the Urchin’s mind was really good. We also get a whole lot of what’s known in these parts as “yakaty yak”. It doesn’t serve much purpose at all other than as an attempt to explain what’s been happening this entire series. It wasn’t executed very well.

I had such high hopes for this mini. Zombies and the infected are apparently the current crazes with issues of DCeased, Contagion, and Marvel Zombies all coming out this month. And with oversaturation in anything, there’s bound to be a floating turd that won’t flush, and so far it looks like Contagion fits that description. The most disappointing part for me is that the first few issues were very good. It’s not awful by any means but the last few issues didn’t match quality-wise as the first few. The art was obviously flushed and the overall flow of story/dialogue was kind of awkward. I do find some satisfaction in the fact that some lesser know characters got some starring time. I’m also thrilled and that one of my favorite characters, Moon Knight, was featured in a very a positive, well thought out way.

Final Thoughts:

This finale unfortunately sputters to its end. A series that started off so great couldn’t maintain that pace and was only barely kept afloat by a very well written Moon Knight.


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