Contagion #1 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art: Rogê Antônio, Veronica Gandini, Stephen Segovia, Juan Jose Ryp, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Cory Petit

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 2, 2019

A seemingly unstoppable force has occupied the Marvel Universe, and it’s going to take every hero the streets of New York has to stop it in this week’s all-new event CONTAGION #1 by Ed Brisson. A strange substance is taking over heroes and citizens alike, draining them of their life force, stealing their knowledge and abilities, and neither science nor magic can stop it! Where did it come from? Can anything destroy it? And who will fall to its awful, overwhelming power? Let’s dive into the issue and find out!

If you’re interested in an exciting, fast-paced, exhilarating ride, hop aboard this weekly adventure by the very talented Ed Brisson. Brisson establishes the standards quickly and creatively draws readers in by cleverly adjoining the absent K’un-Lun with the newly acquired Fantastic Four to build an intriguing cocktail that raised the stakes while providing a classic tone in the process. Brisson sets the rules and lets comic enthusiasts discern the implications of this outbreak before the issue concludes while pushing the anecdote forward vigorously.

The only suspicion this reviewer had with the narrative was how the contagion made its way to New York from K’un-Lun in one week, especially after the man’s disappearance from the ancient city. How did he make it to New York? Are readers to speculate that he maneuvered through the Moloid tunnels? If so, this reviewer hopes Brisson can just straighten up that aspect of the story in next week’s issue. That said, this critic can’t penalize the story or writer just yet when the explanation could arrive in the narrative as the story unfolds.

Some of the remarkable highlights of CONTAGION #1 were the subtle 80’s humor, Reed Richards’ outlook on the importance of saving every life, and the outstandingly vivid art by Rogê Antônio and the art team. Veronica Gandini’s colors, especially encompassing the contagion, were so incredibly bright, which ultimately illustrated the devastating effect this outbreak is set to have in the future. The greens were extremely intense and loaded with such a huge punch that amplifying each page bringing the issue that extra spark needed to drive home the impact of the mysterious epidemic. Readers can physically see how well Brisson and his art team worked together throughout this opening epic.


Brisson formulates a perfect weekly anecdote that will keep fans eager for the next 4 weeks while packing in just enough action, suspense, and interest to maintain readers’ curiosity and keep them wanting more. Even though the concept appears redundant on the surface (DCeased, Marvel Zombies), the contagion doesn’t appear to have any similar characteristics to those “other” titles while exploring a possible spiritual or supernatural component that most current apocalyptic narratives steer away from. Moreover, this reviewer believes the weekly pacing will keep readers’ attention and will only benefit the narrative as a whole, especially in this Netflix-binge era. Marvel Comic fans should definitely give this series a whirl. This reviewer thinks you’ll be happy you did!


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