Conan Battle For The Serpent Crown #3 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Art: Luke Ross, Nolan Woodard, VC’s Travis Lanham, Mahmud Asrar, and Marcio Menyz

Release Date: July 15th, 2020

Price: $3.99

Conan and Nyla find themselves transported to Wakanda. Now, even though the great Barbarian may be familiar with jungles, he’s never seen one quite like the technologically advanced civilization run by the Black Panther. And, if Conan thinks he can walk into Wakanda and steal from the Black Panther, he’s got another thing coming! By Crom, let’s slash into this week’s CONAN BATTLE FOR THE SERPENT CROWN #3 by Saladin Ahmed and discover if we can unearth more of Imus Champion and Mephisto’s true intentions.

Can I just begin this review by saying how genuinely excited I was to see a CONAN book back on the shelves? After looking through the July and August Release Schedules from Marvel, I didn’t see any CONAN issues on the horizon. So, once I received the previews and review copies, I was elated to cut a swathe through this issue. It’s been months since a new CONAN issue and as this series has continued to unfold, it appears to be Conan tangling with different Marvel Heroes each comic. Plus, this week’s tale by Ahmed places our sullen-eyed Barbarian throwing down with none other than the Black Panther. So, this has to be good, right?

Alas, my Crom-fearing readers, it wasn’t quite what I expected nor wished. Don’t get me wrong; it was fast-paced and entertaining. Without a doubt, CONAN BATTLE FOR THE SERPENT CROWN #3 is easy to follow, familiar, and shows growth amongst the characters in the story. However, nothing really happens. Ahmed’s character voice for Black Panther seemed weird, as well as bits and pieces of Conan’s conversations with Nyla and T’Chala. Furthermore, the jury is still out on Nyla and what she really brings to this series. What’s her purpose to this entire story? And furthermore, I’d rather focus on Imus Champion and Mephisto. Currently, they appear to be the most intriguing aspects of this series to date.


Conan fans will find this week’s surprise release really quick, well-paced, and reasonably entertaining. However, diehard fans may want some more substance, answers, and action to fill their appetite. Readers won’t learn anything new and ultimately get a really quick battle between Black Panther and Conan that amounts to nothing. Overall, the issue was simply uneventful and lacked the strength and expectations one would expect from a CONAN Comic. The mystery still remains as to why Mephisto wants these items and its overall connection to Set, Kulan Gath, and really any other hero for that matter. Is this series mainly a series of Marvel Mash-Ups featuring Conan? So far, that’s what it looks like and I was really hoping for more.


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