Chronicles of Faith: David The Shepherd #0 Review

Script & Art: Ivan Anaya

Publisher: Mercy Ways Comics & Brainy Pixel Productions, LLC

Price: $4.99

Release Date: available now

Reviewed by: Glimmer

Chronicles of Faith: David The Shepherd #0 is a faith-based comic that is a breath of fresh air for those who are looking for Bible-based stories in a comic book form. Written & drawn by Ivan Anaya, Chronicles of Faith depicts Israel’s King David retelling some of his most exciting youthful adventures to his son Solomon.


The issue opens with a young David going up against the Philistine giant – Goliath. Next comes the story of David the young shepherd leaving his sheepfold of ninety-nine, to find his one lost sheep. Along the way, he has an encounter with a mighty bear. Throughout the issue, David repeatedly makes one thing clear to his son – “this story is not about me. This story is about God my Lord.” The issue ends with a page of “questions” designed to reflect upon what happened in the issue.

The stories as told by King David will be familiar to those who attended Sunday School in their youth. The artwork is promising and has a style that will resonate with young readers. Moreover, one of my favorite aspects of the issue was the coloring by Marvin Hernandez & Sofia Gonzalez. The inside tones just pop off the page and do a great deal to enhance the overall reading experience.


Overall, I found Chronicles of Faith: David The Shepherd #0 to be an enjoyable read. It was a fun retelling of some of King David’s most memorable stories as told in the Bible. Although this is a “faith-based” comic, I never felt it was “jamming religion down my throat.” Sure, it was filled with references to “God” but that is to be expected. Anyone who is familiar with the Biblical account of David and desires a comic book version of a retelling of his adventures will find this issue entertaining. If that is not your “cup of tea” – you should pass on this series. I, for one, would check it out.


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