Thor #34 Preview

Thor #34 Preview: While Thor races Doctor Doom through time before Doom can tear reality itself asunder in his latest grab for power, they find Thanos at the heart of it all, finally revealing the power struggle that brought Thor’s grandfather, Bor, and Thanos to all-out war – the ultimate weapon, hidden away for millennia. But Doom will stop at nothing to control it! Check out the Thor #34 Preview HERE! Continue reading Thor #34 Preview

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black, White & Red #2 Preview

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black White & Red #2 Preview – Along with artist LEONARD KIRK, these two titans of comics tell a tale of horror and intrigue! PLUS, David Pepose makes his STAR WARS debut! Check out the Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black White & Red #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black, White & Red #2 Preview

Star Wars: The High Republic #10 Preview

Star Wars: The High Republic #10 Preview – The LEVELER has been unleashed in a secret Jedi vault on JEDHA. Jedi Knight VILDAR MAC has risked everything to defeat the PATH OF THE OPEN HAND, but in the face of tragedy, can he resist the lure of the dark side? Jedha’s Battle for the Force reaches its epic conclusion! Check out the Star Wars: The High Republic #10 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: The High Republic #10 Preview

Storm #1 Preview

Storm #1 Preview: With her mutant ability to control the weather bolstered by her top-notch fighting skills, she’s a formidable opponent like no other (as CALLISTO of the MORLOCKS can attest)! But when an elemental power emerges near the XAVIER MANSION, it’ll take Storm to the limit of her powers and beyond! Get ready for an electrifying all-new series showcasing Storm’s days of rocking her mohawk and leading the X-Men, as she faces an ALL-NEW VILLAIN that will threaten to tear her apart from her team…and what she thought she knew about herself! Check out the Storm #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Storm #1 Preview

New Mutants: Lethal Legion #3 Preview

New Mutants: Lethal Legion #3 Preview: Dani Moonstar, Karma and Galura end up tracking the young New Mutants down at Count Nefaria’s mansion, just to enter a scene of pure mayhem. A throwdown between a depowered Gabby and a murderous Count Nefaria, Cerebella trapped inside the Count’s secret vault of treasures and horrors and a drunk Escapade (she’ll never touch grappa again!) going blow for blow against Skullbuster – looks like the supposed “covert” heist has turned into a circus. Check out theNew Mutants: Lethal Legion #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading New Mutants: Lethal Legion #3 Preview

Hellcat #3 Preview

Hellcat #3 Preview: After being accused of murdering her new boyfriend, Spalding Grantham, Hellcat has been on the run from the police. Now grievously wounded, can Patsy survive long enough to clear her name? And Rick Sheridan, A.K.A. Sleepwalker, continues his own investigation into Spalding’s dark dealings – leading him right to the demon Blackheart! Things are about to go from bad to hellish for our heroes…literally! Check out the Hellcat #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Hellcat #3 Preview

Fury #1 Preview

Fury #1 Preview: WHO IS S.C.O.R.P.I.O.? A glamorous rogue agent with a deadly secret lures NICK FURY into the action-thriller of a lifetime…HIS FATHER’S! Following the trail opens NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FURY FILES from the Howlin’ ’40s…the Swingin’ ’60s…and today! But it takes more than ONE Nick Fury to unlock a mystery decades in the making – and to answer the question…WHO IS S.C.O.R.P.I.O.? Check out the Fury #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Fury #1 Preview

Extreme Venomverse #2 Preview

Extreme Venomverse #2 Preview: The summer of symbiotes continues to weave its tendrils through the Marvel multiverse as even more never-before-seen Venoms bear their fangs for the very first time! VENOM scribe Al Ewing and artist Vincenzo Carratù (MARY JANE & BLACK CAT) unite to tell a purrfect tale about your favorite cat burglar and a certain heist she may have pulled on Marvel’s First Family! Revisit MARVEL: 1602, with Clay McLeod Chapman and Paul Davidson, as they introduce the creepiest Venom EVER! David Pepose and Ken Lashley introduce you to what we’re calling the L.M.V.: LIFE-MODEL VENOM! Cyborg Spider-Man, eat your heart out! Check out the Extreme Venomverse #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Extreme Venomverse #2 Preview

Daredevil & Echo #1 Preview

Daredevil & Echo #1 Preview: For months, the bloodthirsty and demonic DEMOGOBLIN has been kidnapping children for reasons unknown. IN THIS SERIES, Daredevil and Echo discover why – as Demogoblin works to wake an ancient and powerful evil deep within the bowels of the city. Reunited at last with Echo, herself fresh from a brief time as the host of the Phoenix force, it falls to DAREDEVIL to stop Demagoblin and save not only the children, but everyone in New York! Check out the Daredevil & Echo #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Daredevil & Echo #1 Preview

Bishop: War College #4 Preview

Bishop: War College #4 Preview: When the two Bishops arrive at the Tucker Institute to search for Tempo, they find the facility under attack by the Human Liberation Front – an anti-mutant extremist group made up of this alternate future Earth’s versions of MOIRA MacTAGGERT, FEILONG, TONY STARK and SIMON TRASK. Check out the Bishop: War College #4 Preview HERE! Continue reading Bishop: War College #4 Preview

Static: Shadows of Dakota #4 Preview

Static: Shadows of Dakota #4 Preview – When someone close to Virgil gets abducted, his path ends up crossing that of the bloodthirsty Ebon—who’s just proven his mettle against the fearsome Blood Syndicate! With light and darkness on a collision course, who will come out on top? Static faces his greatest foe yet! Check out the Static: Shadows of Dakota #4 Preview HERE! Continue reading Static: Shadows of Dakota #4 Preview

Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3 Preview

Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3 Preview – The Green Lanterns are in hot pursuit of the World’s Strangest Superheroes! When a brand-new metahuman unwittingly becomes a galactic fugitive, Robotman and Negative Man embark on a cross-country road trip to save him! Cliff Steele may be the best driver in the DCU, but can he outrun its best GLs, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner?! Find out in the story we had to call “The Fast and the Nebulous”! Check out the Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3 Preview

The Sandman Universe Presents: The Dead Boy Detectives #6 Preview

The Sandman Universe Presents: The Dead Boy Detectives #6 Preview: Thessaly the witch presents Edwin and Charles with an impossible choice in this series’ thrilling conclusion—what would two dead boys be willing to sacrifice to save themselves from the terrifying unknown, and the very order of magic as they understand it? Check out The Sandman Universe Presents: The Dead Boy Detectives #6 Preview HERE! Continue reading The Sandman Universe Presents: The Dead Boy Detectives #6 Preview

Nightwing #104 Preview

Nightwing #104 Preview – Nightwing and the Titans realize the only way to save Olivia is to…go to hell! Seeing how ineffective his punching was when he last confronted Neron’s demons, Nightwing is temporarily powered up by magic in order to make it through the depths of hell alive…literally. Check out the Nightwing #104 Preview HERE! Continue reading Nightwing #104 Preview

Harley Quinn #30 Preview

Harley Quinn #30 Preview – Here I am in the midst of a veritable midlife extradimensional existential crisis of epic proportions, and if that’s not bad enough…I got a giant, bloodthirsty, killer anthropo-whatsit rabbit man with a big ol’ carrot-shaped axe to grind after me. Good thing I got my hyena spiritual advisors, Bud and Lou, to guide me on this fiendish foray into a frenzy of ferocious furballs. Plus: the introduction of my very own cosmic workout gear that is in no way an infringement on the Flash’s intellectual property. Also, in this month’s In-Continuity Dreams of Harley Quinn, we’ve cooked up a real doozy for ya! It’s got swords, armor, fair maidens, and more side quests than you can shake your tuchus at! Check out the Harley Quinn #30 Preview HERE! Continue reading Harley Quinn #30 Preview

Green Arrow #2 Preview

Green Arrow #2 Preview – Green Arrow is alive…but where the hell is he?! That’s what Roy Harper and Black Canary want to know, and their search takes them into the bowels of Belle Reve. But they’d better hurry—the stranded Oliver Queen and another lost member of the Green Arrow family are both being hunted by a brand-new villain called…Troublemaker. Check out the Green Arrow #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Green Arrow #2 Preview