Olympus Rebirth #1 Review

Olympus Rebirth #1 Review – Zeus, keep Hippolyta’s name out of your mouth! In Olympus Rebirth #1, Hippolyta ascends to godhood and finds the gods aren’t what they used to be. As some of them change their appearance and behavior, Hippolyta clashes with Zeus and journeys into the bowels of Tartarus to rescue one of the pantheon. Just about every Greek god makes an appearance here, it’s like cocaine for Greek mythology addicts. Continue reading Olympus Rebirth #1 Review

Olympus: Rebirth #1 Preview

Olympus: Rebirth #1 Preview – Due to her heroic efforts in the mortal realm, the former queen has earned her rightful place among the gods and plans to use her newfound powers to take care of her Amazon sisters from beyond. Little does she know, some of the gods are wary of the new future Hippolyta brings and will do just about anything to stop it! Check out the Trial of the Olympus: Rebirth #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Olympus: Rebirth #1 Preview