Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #6 Preview

Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #6 Preview: CHEWBACCA BEHIND BARS!” Chewie is held captive on the prison planet of Gulhadar! And you’ll never believe who his cellmate is. None other than Maz Kanata! And whatever happened to the Millennium Falcon? Check out the Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #6 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #6 Preview

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #42 Preview

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #42 Preview -As the number of the spider that bit him and the winning lottery number for Brooklyn Visions Academy, the number 42 means a lot in Miles Morales’ world, and Saladin Ahmed celebrates this landmark issue with an oversized spectacular alongside amazing Miles Morales: Spider-Man artists! Check out the Miles Morales: Spider-Man #42 Preview HERE! Continue reading Miles Morales: Spider-Man #42 Preview

Gambit #3 Preview

Gambit #3 Preview: REMY’S RUSE AND WARHAWK’S RETURN! The problem? GAMBIT and ‘RO have become a thorn in the side of mogul SOLARZ… The solution? The mercenary WARHAWK takes the fight to our heroes! The rebuttal? Remy gears up in his NEW suit, MARISSA DECASTRO dons the classic armor, and ‘Ro joins them for a knock-down, drag-out fight along the Mississippi! Check out the Gambit #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Gambit #3 Preview

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5 Preview

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5 Preview – The most dangerous person in the Marvel Universe has thrown in with some of the most dangerous people in the Fortnite universe. But what does Doom really want? Check out The Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5 Preview

Damage Control #2 Preview

Damage Control #2 Preview: After he nearly caused a Skrull attack in our last issue, the management at Damage Control has wisely chosen to try and place Gus in a less volatile position. How much harm can Gus do in the Consumer Affairs office, listening to complaints and grievances? Check out the Damage Control #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Damage Control #2 Preview

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #5 Preview

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #5 Preview: It’s a showdown between Captain America and Black Panther, with the fate of two countries on the line! And when the dust settles, who will pay the price for Sam Wilson’s incursion into Wakanda? Check out the Captain America: Symbol of Truth #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Captain America: Symbol of Truth #5 Preview

Defenders: Beyond #3 Preview

Defenders: Beyond #3 Preview – TLoki’s Defenders manage to escape the Second Cosmos and the Beyonder, but Taaia is grievously wounded in the process and none of Loki’s or Blue Marvel’s expertise seems to be helping. Enter – the Phoenix! But what is the price of a universal constant’s aid…? Check out the Defenders: Beyond #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Defenders: Beyond #3 Preview

Ant-Man #3 Preview

Ant-Man #3 Preview: In the present, the current Ant-Man, Scott Lang, has been tasked by the Avengers with a very important mission: Guard the prison holding Ultron! But the evil Black Ant/Eric O’Grady has other ideas that may spell doom for humanity… Don’t miss this epic journey through Ant-Man’s history! Check out the Ant-Man #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Ant-Man #3 Preview

Amazing Spider-Man #10 Preview

Amazing Spider-Man #10 Preview: It’s time for Spider-Man to be judged, and I think we all know which moment in Spidey’s history is going to weigh heavily on the proceedings. You don’t want to miss this very special issue that might just break your heart all over again. Check out the Amazing Spider-Man #10 Preview HERE! Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #10 Preview

Carnage #5 Review

CARNAGE CRAVES…ALL! CARNAGE’s crusade reaches an unprecedented level of destruction and threatens not just the here and now, but everything that ever was or ever will be. Hydro-Man, Spot, the serial killer known as “The Artist,” what horrifying puzzle is Carnage trying to put together with these pieces? Who will be its next victim? And will Detective Jon Shayde be able to stop the crimson-clad creature before it’s too late?! Continue reading Carnage #5 Review

Fantastic Four #47 Review

With judgment looming over the Marvel Universe, Reed Richards has locked himself in his Think Tank in search of answers. But with the fate of humanity on the line, what happens when OUBLIETTE MIDAS sets her sights on the Baxter Building? As the Fantastic Four falls before the Exterminatrix’s death traps, only one hero remains standing – but if you thought Oubliette was dangerous, it’s nothing compared to what the Invisible Woman is capable of. Get ready for Die Hard in the Baxter Building, as we’ve only got one thing left to say: Yippie-ki-yay, Marvel Universe. Continue reading Fantastic Four #47 Review