Thor #30 Preview

Thor #30 Preview: After chasing Corvus Glaive – the kidnapper of Thor’s baby sister – into a vault that requires the blood of a god to open, Thor and Rúna find themselves face-to-face with King Bor himself! And…Thanos? What dark, bloody secrets of Asgard’s past lie in this twisting, cryptic story…and what will it reveal about the future of the entire Marvel Universe? Check out the Thor #30 Preview HERE! Continue reading Thor #30 Preview

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #28 Preview

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #28 Preview -The enemy of my enemy is my friend…or so they say! As RONEN TAGGE and DOMINA TAGGE clash over the TAGGE CORPORATION, SANA STARROS is caught in the middle! But if there’s one thing she’s learned from DOCTOR APHRA, it’s how to use every situation to her advantage — and no matter which Tagge wins, Sana’s determined to come out on top! Check out the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #28 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #28 Preview

Amazing Spider-Man #18 Preview

Amazing Spider-Man #18 Preview: As if the normal run-of-the-mill demons of Limbo weren’t enough… Spider-Man finds himself facing a small army of demonized versions of his rogues’ gallery! Can he make it home to stop Chasm and the Goblin Queen?! Check out the Amazing Spider-Man #18 Preview HERE! Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #18 Preview

All-Out Avengers #5 Preview

All-Out Avengers #5 Preview: Here at last, because you demanded it, the ultimate battle begins: Spider-Man versus the Avengers! Thrill to the action! Marvel at the wit! Ponder at the possibilities! In a frantic race across Manhattan, someone’s mind is being controlled, someone’s decisions are being directed and someone’s reality is being altered…but whose? Check out the All-Out Avengers #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading All-Out Avengers #5 Preview

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #3 Preview

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #3 Preview: Doctor Strange is pulled in every direction by powerful figures while millions of lives rest in the balance – including his own! Yalda, Sophia, Bythos or himself: who should Strange serve? Who can he trust? Check out the Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #3 Preview

Midnight Suns #5 Preview

Midnight Suns #5 Preview – The MIDNIGHT SUNS were fated to rise…but in the end, are they destined to stop the apocalypse – or start it?! Only AGATHA HARKNESS knows the truth, but the mistakes of her past have finally caught up to her. She has a terrible choice to make – one that will change her forever, one that may doom ZOE LAVEAU and NICO MINORU – IF THEY and the Suns manage to survive…THE RITUAL! Check out the Midnight Suns #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Midnight Suns #5 Preview

Star Wars: Yoda #3 Preview

Star Wars: Yoda #3 Preview: Yoda’s experiment with the Scalvi has ended in disaster, the situation on Turrak worse than ever. A new generation has risen up since the Jedi Master first came to the planet, a generation that still hasn’t learned the most important lesson of all. Will Yoda abandon those who need him most in their hour of need? Check out the Star Wars: Yoda #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: Yoda #3 Preview

Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade #2 Preview

Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade #2 Preview – Jedi Master PORTER ENGLE has journeyed with his sister, Barash, to a planet far on the Republic frontier in response to a desperate request for aid. They are certain they will succeed. No one in the galaxy fights like Jedi Porter Engle. No warrior can stand against him. No one even comes close. They are certain…until they see what awaits them. Check out the Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade #2 Preview

X-Men: April 2023 Marvel Comic Solicitations

X-Men: April 2023 Marvel Comic Solicits – Learn more about all the amazing X-Men titles hitting stores throughout the month of April from Marvel Comics! Continue reading X-Men: April 2023 Marvel Comic Solicitations

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 Review

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 Review: SAY IT AIN’T SO, SPIDEY! Spending some time in L.A., Spider-Man has discovered a mysterious and powerful relic that has awakened something that threatens to consume him! With his subconscious at a crossroads, will Spidey have what it takes to resist or will he be lost to a waking nightmare forever? Continue reading Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4 Review

Hulk #11 Review

Hulk #11 Review- Ryan Ottley both draws AND writes this action-packed page-turner that finds Hulk playing this planet’s favorite sport – the planet-busting GOD BALL! Now that Hulk finds himself at the center of a civilization that worships him, these other Hulks are more than eager to prove their might to their god…even if that means destroying him when the game turns lethal. Check out the Hulk #11 Review HERE! Continue reading Hulk #11 Review

Alien #5 Review

Alien #5 Review – he ship the humans stole from the Steel Team has crashed, and from the fiery wreckage emerged a swarm of Xenos led by the monstrous Hybrid! The few remaining humans fled back to their base in a futile attempt to escape slaughter. Meanwhile, with their numbers quickly dwindling, the Steel Team must make difficult decisions that could result in the possible success, or utter failure, of this disaster mission. Check out the Alien #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Alien #5 Review

Invincible Iron Man #2 Review

Invincible Iron Man #2 Review – The assassination attempts on Tony’s life continue as a familiar foe returns to take him down. It’ll be up to Iron Man and Ironheart to stop him…but what secret is Riri Williams harboring from Tony? And will this change their relationship forever? Check out the Invincible Iron Man #2 Review HERE! Continue reading Invincible Iron Man #2 Review

Deadpool #3 Preview

Deadpool #2 Preview – Deadpool has less than 24 hours to kill Doctor Octopus if he wants into the most elite assassin alliance in the world. Can Doc Ock block a cocked glock? Or will he be filleted and slayed by Wade’s blades? And also…uh…what’s that thing hanging out of Wade’s chest? Check out the Deadpool #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Deadpool #3 Preview

Wasp #1 Preview

Wasp #1 Preview: anet Van Dyne has worn many hats over the course of her super heroic career. But when an old enemy threatens Janet and her fellow Wasp, Nadia, seemingly against his will, the Van Dynes will have to confront the ghosts in their shared history to get to the bottom of the mystery. Fashion designer, businesswoman, founding Avenger – Janet Van Dyne has worn many hats over the course of her super heroic career. Check out the Wasp #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Wasp #1 Preview

Wakanda #4 Preview

Wakanda #4 Preview: Forbidden romance and a dark prophecy loom in this story about what it means to be a true hero. With T’Challa in exile, Tosin must step up and protect his nation when the Abomination attacks a vibranium mine. But as Tosin strives to be a great warrior, will the pressures of his future shatter the life he is building for himself now? Check out the Wakanda #4 Preview HERE! Continue reading Wakanda #4 Preview

Venom #16 Preview

Venom #16 Preview: With the truth about Eddie Brock, Bedlam and the Garden of Time revealed at last, Eddie has no choice but to move heaven, earth, space and time to get back to his son. But it may all be for naught – Eddie’s greatest fears are at the precipice of being realized, as Dylan may still succumb to the darkness within him! Check out the Venom #16 Preview HERE! Continue reading Venom #16 Preview