Vampirella/ Dracula: Unholy #1 Review

The adventure of several lifetimes begins as Vampirella and new husband Matt journey to Castle Dracula in Transylvania in an attempt to cheat fate by preventing both a high-tech virus and an ancient curse from using Matt’s body to resurrect the deadliest threat the world has ever known. Continue reading Vampirella/ Dracula: Unholy #1 Review

Vampiverse #4 Review

Vampiverse #4 Review – Vampirella, Book, Baby Prague, Lilith, and The Vamp are fighting for their lives in a most inhospitable place from long, long ago. And with a new reality comes a new Vampirella! Introducing… Vamp-Por, the Vampirella from the dawn of time with dark secrets of her own, and Futurella, the Sci-Fi Vampirella hellbent on helping save the Fabric of reality created by the Artist. Check out the Vampiverse #4 Review HERE! Continue reading Vampiverse #4 Review