Artemis: Wanted #1 Review

Artemis: Wanted #1 Review – Artemis, having been exposed as Hippolyta’s killer in the “Trial of the Amazons” story, is on the run in Artemis: Wanted #1, a one-shot book that sees Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark hunting for Artemis, as Artemis desperately tries to elude them. What surprises will Artemis face when she comes across an eerily tranquil Midwest town where savage monsters roam? Continue reading Artemis: Wanted #1 Review

Artemis: Wanted #1 Preview

Artemis: Wanted #1 Preview – After the events of Trial of the Amazons, Artemis is on the run from her sisters for her sins. She may say it was all in the name of peace, but not even Wonder Woman believes a word she says. Now the former member of the Bana-Mighdall is wanted by not only her people, but all Amazon tribes! Check it out in the Artemis: Wanted #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Artemis: Wanted #1 Preview