A Calculated Man #1 Review

A Calculated Man #1 Review – A verifiable math genius, Jack Beans used to run the numbers for the Pinafore crime family, until one day he ran them too well and concluded that the only way out of this life was in a casket or Witness Protection. So, he turned state’s evidence and ran. What follows is a journey full of murder, mayhem and mathematics. Continue reading A Calculated Man #1 Review

Beyond The Breach #3 Review

Beyond The Breach #3 Review – It’s a showdown in Garberville! Vanessa’s new friend might just be an ultra-dimensional outlaw on the run, and now she’s caught between him and those sent to hunt him down. If she hands him over, she’ll never find out the secret of The Breach, but can she help someone who’s re-sponsible for the deaths of thousands? Check out the Beyond The Breach #3 Review Continue reading Beyond The Breach #3 Review