Captain Marvel #10 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Carmen Carnero

Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Falling Star Part 3

Carol has been Kicked out of the Air Force and Alpha Flight because the world has found out she is half Kree. She is barely holding on to her powers and to her residency on this planet. Now she hopes an unconscious and badly beaten Minerva will provide her with answers to her many questions.

Carol brings Minerva’s beat up body to Stark Unlimited. Rhodey meets her on the roof and promptly disappears.

Once in the science lab Carol asks Tony how Minerva was and he says, “hard to say.” Tony then asks Carol how she found Minerva and we get recap of last issue trying to layer on the mystery of who left the message in blood and who the “YOU” is in the message “You’re not as smart as you think you are”. Which then leads to Tony to ask a couple more questions and then right when Carol seems about to open up to Tony and tell him what she thinks is going on….Tony disappears…..and Minerva wakes up.

Minerva upon waking up tells Carol her diabolical plan of how she was going to force Carol into repopulating the Kree race. 

It’s at this moment I thinking new readers have no idea what is going on. New readers are going to be wondering why are the Kree so decimated? Why is it up to one half bred Kree female and one full bred kree warrior female to restart the population. They also will have very little connection to Minerva. Minerva was in one issue in this series asking for Carol’s help to restart Kree. Carol was shocked but still agreed. Now Minerva is giving her whole plan up just cause she got beat to a pulp in her own lab.

Minerva is trying to create a new improved Kree. She failed a lot. She used humans as experiments. She made some Kraken had some tentacle fun. While having said fun she invaded Carol’s body with a virus. This virus can suck her dry. Once activated whoever has the other virus receptor in them will receive the power sucked from Captain Marvel. Making them like Captain Marvel. 

Everyone look to the left at the new girl super hero that just appeared two issues ago. Umm…What’s her name girl? Gotham Girl?…umm no….Star Girl…ummm no …oh that’s right Star.

Okay so Captain Marvel is mad so she runs off half cocked to confront Star. In the middle of Times Square. Carol figures this is the fastest way to get the most attention to get the best results. Well it works Star arrives the Heroic New Hero was just pretending to be good now she is a villain (gasp). Fighting ensues yada-yada typical fight scene. Until Carol decides the best thing to do is rip the Kree virus implant from inside her chest in the middle of flying in the air. With the hope this would de-power Star. 

It doesn’t work because Star has already infected the whole city with the kree virus and is now feeding off of everyone. (insert maniac laughter here) Also as Carol lays crippled on the ground Star whispers her secret identity or at least enough clues for Carol to whisper it…

Final Thoughts:

This is decent read, but ten issues in and we have two whole story arcs having to do with de-powering Carol. It’s better if you don’t think about the story too much for every secondary character is just used to set the next scene. The fight scene was the best part of the issue. The words do start to encroach on the enjoyment of the fighting parts at times. I love the art and colors even though Minerva and Carol look too similar in some spots.


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