Captain America: Cold War: Alpha #1 Review

Writer: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Tochi Onyebuchi

Artists: Carlos Magno, Guru-eFX, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Patrick Gleason, and Alejandro Sanchez

Release Date: April 12th, 2023

Price: $4.99

Bucky Barnes is the Outer Circle’s New Revolution, and he has enacted his deadliest move yet — an alliance with Sam Wilson’s nemesis, the White Wolf. When Steve Rogers’ adopted son, Ian, is abducted by someone Steve thought was a friend, he suspects Bucky’s hand at work and calls upon the people who know Ian best — Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter and Misty Knight — to help him get to the bottom of the attack. Has Bucky finally gone too far? Why has Nomad been taken, and what does it have to do with a portal to Dimension Z opening over a secret battleground in Alaska? The Symbol of Truth and the Sentinel of Liberty reunite for a pulse-pounding crossover event that will make them question everything they believe in this week’s Captain America: Cold War: Alpha #1 by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Tochi Onyebuchi.


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Captain America: Cold War: Alpha #1 does a fantastic job of getting everyone all caught up as to the comings and goings of Cap, Bucky, Sam, and the Women of Liberty. For those just jumping in, there has been a ton going on the past year… probably too much to clue you all in completely. Nevertheless, the creative team does an absolutely stellar job painting a picture of the current landscape in these opening pages and provides a strong foundation for the cast of characters involved.

I personally love the angle of Bucky as a villain, as well as a secret organization that’s had its fingers in the American Cookie Jar working behind the scenes since World War 1. The idea that Captain America was also a cog in this machine that just didn’t work out is also fantastic. There is just so much meat on the bone with the story making this plot incredibly rich with history and diverse angles that could develop into some wicked plot points down the line.

Readers deep into Captain America Lore will be completely enthralled by the in-depth history lesson of villains cascading into the pages of this Cold War. The White Wolf and Revolution add a certain militant blend of action and entertainment to the story that makes Captain America: Cold War: Alpha #1 a high-octane thrill ride almost from Jump Street. My only real knock with the plot was how one-sided this war/ fight was. 5 verses an army seems a bit unrealistic to me, especially with most of those individuals not containing superpowers or abilities. However, it did raise the level of entertainment as the inaugural tale took shape.


Carlos Magno has a very distinct style that’s very reminiscent of Brian Hitch. His illustrations are real, raw, and powerful. However, sometimes the characters come across as a bit too “superhero-y”. The tone and shape of the characters are overly muscular and sometimes disproportioned because of their physique. Additionally, his realism plays a tremendous impact when characters are stationary. However, during fight scenes, sometimes the artwork gets a bit too busy and pronounced making the action sequences appear more chaotic.

Moreover, I’d just like to point out the coloring and illustrations surrounding the dinner scene with Ian. Their faces and mannerisms came across almost as if I was looking at puppets eating weird meat. I was not a fan. Furthermore, the next scene after that showcased Cap recovering from an explosion in a way that made him look more like Ian’s Grandfather than his Dad. Don’t get me wrong, Magno is a strong artist. However, the renderings and action scenes this week were probably the weakest part of Captain America: Cold War: Alpha #1.



Captain America: Cold War: Alpha #1 was fast-paced, explosive, and gets readers all caught up with those who have been out of the Captain America game for quite some time. Upon entry, the story beats appear to be promising to incorporate a rich history of Captain America Lore as well as American History showcasing the Outer Circle as the figure that’s always been behind the curtain. It feels like Hail Hydra, meets evil Cap, meets First Avenger except with Bucky replacing Steve and some Dimension Z on the side. Readers should be prepared for an exciting ride that I can’t help but recommend. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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