Cable #10 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Phil Noto, VC’s Joe Sabino, and Tom Muller

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: April 27th, 2021

CABLE’S life has been through some utter $&@$ recently. And as the last issue wrapped up, he discovered that Stryfe (the evil clone of his former self) is alive and well. Nonetheless, through every twist, turn, roadblock, and setback along the way, CABLE realized that he may not be the right man for the job. So, if Kid CABLE isn’t the perfect man for this mission, then who is? Let’s dive into CABLE #10 by Gerry Duggan and find out!

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The overall layout of this issue develops into a discussion at Burton’s Tavern between Cyclops and CABLE. Ultimately, that’s the premise of the issue. Amidst a tavern tussle, this father and son mainly discuss CABLE’S future that on the outside seemed quite uneventful and dry. From an outsider’s perspective, I can see how a new reader or someone not invested in the characters or series may feel this issue as a dud. However, to X-MEN fans who’ve been along for the ride, this installment is more about Kid CABLE realizing that he needs his older self to defeat Stryfe… and he’s willing to do whatever it takes even if it means sacrificing this current family he’s never had before and Kraokan paradise to accomplish that goal.

Underneath the surface, Duggan unpacks a very powerful issue that moves surprisingly fast building that father-son dynamic that’s easier for Cyclops to cultivate with a kid rather than the old man. CABLE #10 isn’t too wordy, is easy to follow, and picks up on solid internal conflicts within the main characters. And to this reviewer, the story feels planned, organized, and ironed out. Duggan didn’t plan this on the fly or developed it as he went. Readers can see a purpose and direction with wrinkles and clues that have been prevalent since issue one.


Fans, this isn’t the first time Phil Noto and Gerry Duggan have worked together. This team is beyond stellar. If you’re looking for a real treat, grab THE INFINITE HORIZON by these two rock stars which earned Noto an Eisner Nomination. What you’ll find throughout this issue, as well as his history, is that Noto’s style is so crisp, vibrant, and powerful. Its realism blended with this almost video game-like style of illustrations. Readers will see hints of Bill Sienkiewicz mixed with a more natural tone that resembles Adam Hughes. Now, Noto’s inks may be a bit too heavy at some points which come across as strong outlines of characters. Nevertheless, his colors help to balance the eye and provide strength to each page.


Finally, Stryfe’s true scheme was revealed this issue. I’ve speculated his purpose since day one that involved creating a clone farm and kidnapping mutant babies. However, It’s Muller and Duggan who make things clear. Stryfe intends to replace Kid CABLE in the past with a “Stryfe clone” to alter the future. As of now, these “Stryfe clones” appear to all be destroyed. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that some remain embedded within society.

Readers, this concept is beautiful! It appears as though Duggan has found a way to have his cake and “eventually” eat it too. The original CABLE is coming back. However, will the younger version stay? Will this younger version end up being a Stryfe clone? Will fans get both CABLE’S somehow? Or, dare I speculate that this younger version was a Stryfe clone “broke good” along?

If I was to guess, I think Duggan has found a clever way to keep both versions, which is spectacular. Why? Because throughout this series Duggan has done the impossible – taken what many X-MEN fans deemed as a disappointment and turned it into solid gold. I sincerely hope I’m right and readers get both versions. It would be awesome to have both versions on two different ongoing teams. Now, will that happen? I can only theorize. However, seeing Old Man CABLE with the Light of Galador brings me that hope.


CABLE #10 was a simplistic surface-level story that packed so much underneath its foundations. At the heart of the story is the development and growth of Kid CABLE only to appear to return him proper. The irony is that readers are watching the maturation of the character emotionally that they never were able to witness before from the futuristic CABLE of yore. And once that maturity transpires, this Kid CABLE very well may be gone. Readers, Noto and Duggan are simply a force. I know this series is coming to a close. So, if you haven’t hopped on board yet, just get the trade. Trust me, you’ll love it! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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