Black Cat #4 Review

Black Cat #4 Synopsis: There’s another Cat on the scene and she doesn’t play nice. Lily Hollister’s life has taken some turns. From socialite daughter of the district attorney to fiancée of Harry Osborn to goblinized Menace… The last turn to imitation hero called Queen Cat seems to have stuck.

But now that Queen Cat has set her sights on the Black Cat, does Felicia stand a chance? Or will this misguided attempt screw up all of Felicia and Black Fox’s plans?

Rated T+

Writer: Jed MacKay

Art: Nina Vakueva and Pepe Larraz

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 31st, 2021

After this rebooted run began oddly enough with tie-ins to King in Black, we’re finally back to Black Cat in her familiar territory! Let’s see what Felicia is up to now that things have seemingly gotten back to normal?!


Our issue this month serves as a reset of sorts in my opinion. It opens logically introducing our next storyline and character, Queen Cat, and giving a brief but thorough description of who she is, what her circumstances are, and what her intentions are.

We’re quickly then shown what Felicia and her crew are currently up to.

By this point, Jed MacKay has set up our story in a fine fashion. What’s cool to this reviewer is that MacKay then proceeds to quickly weave in what’s been going on in the Black Cat ongoing book since pre-pandemic times. From touching base back to the Fantastic Four heist in Black Cat #4 (2019), to even mentioning the “break” that was actually due to Covid, to the subsequent reboot and mess that Knull created in New York and Felicia’s part in it. It was a somewhat chaotic time in the real world of producing comics. MacKay’s “story” helped make some sense of what was some certainly unusual circumstances for this book. Pre pandemic this was one of my favorite ongoings, so I’m glad it’s back on track and not bound to any tie-ins!!


The art by Nina Vakueva and Brian Reber is on point for the most part. There were a few things that caught my attention though. Two of the four cats on the cover don’t appear to have coloring on their eyes. Of course, this could be explained by saying the black cats have black eyes. Even if that were the case it looks a bit off to me. More importantly, there’s a panel towards the end with Felicia standing with the moon behind her and she’s only got one nostril. Not a huge deal by any means but it stuck out big time to me.


Count me as one who is glad to see that Black Cat is back to basics, as it were. This is where she shines brightest. In an ongoing book doing her thing, not bound by the constraints of tie-ins. Here’s to hoping this run doesn’t get interrupted like the previous one and continues for a long, long time!


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