Bermuda #4 Review

Bermuda #4 Review

Writer & Letterer: John Layman

Artist: Nick Bradshaw

Colorist: Len O’Grady

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $4.99

Release Date: October 20, 2021

Reviewer: JR Huitt

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Bermuda #4, from IDW Publishing, arrives to wrap up the story from John Layman and Nick Bradshaw. The creative team are leaving nothing in their magazines as the throw everything into the mix to make sure that Bermuda #4 is a rousing success. Follow along as we see if they can stick the the landing in Bermuda #4.


John Layman concludes his story with Bermuda #4. While I didn’t love some of the story choices that he made during the final issue, I would not have a problem passing this book on to my teenage daughter. Bermuda is a character who I believe is easy to connect with.

There are too many books being pumped out monthly where the glitz and glamour can’t cover up the barely there bones of the story. Bermuda doesn’t have to worry about that as there are a number of great ideas featured during the series. I would love to see some of the ones that were barely touched upon followed up on in another volume of Bermuda.


Nick Bradshaw’s art is really the driving force for the series Bermuda in my opinion. He really gets to cut loose in this final issue as there are appearances from all types of characters. There are pirates, giant sea monsters, massive feats of American military ingenuity, and pirates.

And all of them do more than just pop in for a token appearance as Bradshaw let’s loose. Len O’Grady is another creator whose work is definitely on point this month. His colors are bright and shiny, popping off the page like I would expect to see from a jungle island. Bermuda #4 really pays off on all the promise from the earlier issues visually!


Bermuda #4 hits all of the beats and wraps up the first adventure of Bermuda and the other residents on the island of Trangle. But it does seem that the conclusion is a bit rushed in the end. Most series read as though written for the trades now. That includes a ton of filler that just fills page count, however, I believe that Bermuda would have benefited from at least one extra issue; possibly even two. Even with the rushed conclusion, I enjoyed the trip to Bermuda and hope that the opportunity to get lost in the “Triangle” comes along sooner rather than later.


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