Batman vs. Robin #3 Preview

Batman vs. Robin #3 Preview:     Batman has been on a breakneck journey throughout the DC Universe, from Wayne Manor to the House of Secrets and back again…but where there are clues there is a trail, and the world’s greatest detective has followed this particular trail back to where he and Superman began this journey: Lazarus Island. With an entire island and army at Damian Wayne’s disposal, does Batman stand a chance? We’ll give you a hint: NO!

Written by MARK WAID

Art and cover by MAHMUD ASRAR

Variant covers by ALEX MALEEV


’90s variant cover by CARLO BARBERI

1:25 variant cover by MARIO “FOX” FOCCILLO

1:50 variant cover by TONY S. DANIEL

$5.99 US | 48 pages | 3 of 5 | $6.99 US (card stock)

ON SALE 11/8/22

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