Batman: Three Jokers #3 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art: Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $6.99

Release Date: October 27th, 2020

Still distraught from their last meeting with the Three Jokers, Batman, Batgirl, and Red Hood uncover the horrible reality about the Three Jokers’ agenda. Will the Dark Knight have the resilience required to put an end to the Clown Prince’s master plan once and for all? Let’s swing into BATMAN: THREE JOKERS #3 by Geoff Johns and see the epic conclusion of the never-ending conflict between Batman and the Joker. Will this truly be it? Let’s find out!

The series everyone has been waiting years for is finally coming to an end this week in BATMAN: THREE JOKERS #3 by Geoff Johns. If I’m being honest, the ending isn’t what I expected it to be nor did I feel like I got all the answers I wanted. However, Johns does a fantastic job of wrapping up the story, tying up loose ends, and dangling some new plot threads for future possible stories and sequels. Now, if you’ve been reading the series to date, you know that there were three Jokers, Jason killed one, and it looks like the remaining Jokers were trying to recreate… more Jokers!! That’s been the plot this entire time. Heck, we’ve all speculated that Jason Todd may become a new Joker.

Well, as the last issue finished, the new theory was Joe Chill might become a Joker! Or, I also heard that it was the original Joker who hired Joe Chill to kill the Wayne’s. My point is: readers have had tons of theories and speculations that this reviewer has been looking forward to discovering. However, Johns throws some wicked curve balls giving fans practically none of the theories we’ve developed, which was actually quite depressing for this comic fan. Does that make this issue bad? No… but it is disappointing.

Immediately, my biggest concern about this issue specifically was that I merely wanted more. I expected more backstory. I needed more purpose. I wanted more reasoning, which I get is silly coming from the Joker. Nonetheless, “The Criminal” Joker seemed to have the most sense on his shoulders. And, since he appeared to be the first Joker and leader, I thought there would be more plotting and scheming scratching at the surface than what this ending gives us. That said, the story is still incredibly strong and delivers a solid punchline… just not the punchline I guess I wanted.

As BATMAN: THREE JOKERS comes to a close, readers will be stunned by a variety of quick surprises that transpired within the last 10-12 pages of this extra-sized installment. Moreover, the nostalgic feel that Johns continued to portray throughout the issue made this series carry weight and merit that I feel many of the other titles at DC COMICS are lacking right now. It felt traditional, important, and unlike the current DC Landscape, easy to follow. Johns continues to express this series as a true puzzle to solve that didn’t need universal threats, inter-dimensional aliens, or a world-ending crisis that connects to every crisis across Dark dimensions. It was simplistic, down to Earth, sinister, mysterious, and conveyed a sense of prestige and dignity that’s frankly lacking in most comics today. Dare I say we NEED more comics like this.


Readers, the story didn’t end how I was expecting nor exactly how I wanted it to end. Additionally, there was some background information that I wish Johns hit more on that could have put this series over the top for this reviewer. That said, I can’t knock him for what’s NOT here nor can I for what I wish was in the comic. Why? Easy! Because what was present in the issue was masterful! I simply wish there was more. Maybe six issues instead of three? Either way, what readers get is a substantial issue that ties up loose ends and cracks open the can for more to come if Johns wishes to pry a bit more on this story. And please, can we just let Johns work on this? If it takes another year before he elaborates on this, so be it. No need to have another writer attempt to draw on Johns’ vision. Readers, I would head to your shop immediately to grab this. Additionally, I would get the trade when it arrives as well! I know I will be. This series hit the spot for this reviewer in a comic landscape that simply needed something transparent, strong, and foundational to the medium. This was an excellent series that could be picked up and read from start to finish by any fan with little foreknowledge of recent DC events and leaving them craving more! It’s the comic book to hook new readers and BATMAN fans alike. What are you waiting for? Grab this issue and tell me what you think!


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