Batman: Three Jokers #2 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art: Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $6.99

Release Date: September 29th, 2020

As Batman and Batgirl pursue an unusual thread relating the three Jokers with someone from the Caped Crusaders past, Red Hood plunges headfirst into trouble and finds himself struggling to stay alive without the assistance of his friends. Let’s jump into BATMAN: THREE JOKERS #2 by Geoff Johns as this terrifying investigation of The Joker and his never-ending conflict with Batman continues.

FINALLY!!! A story that FEELS important. A story that’s not overly convoluted and confusing just to “seem” smart. A story that’s thoroughly planned, well organized, researched, and truly a mystery. How many times within the past two decades could you truly say you’ve read a BATMAN story that’s legitimately felt this good? I can’t think of many. Sure, Scott Snyder has had his fair share of story arcs that were pure genius. Heck, even Tom King had an issue or two that was packed with promise. But, this issue and frankly this series are in an entirely different stratosphere! At the rate Johns is going with only one issue left, he’d really have to mess up the landing for this series to not go down as one of the best BATMAN stories of all time.

Readers, BATMAN: THREE JOKERS just makes sense. Issue two helps crowbar that point home masterfully. Plus, Johns continues to zig when we think he’s going to zag. The story is gripping and ultimately is attempting to tie up so many dangling plot threads throughout the years of the Dark Knight. Why have the Jokers been so different? What’s their purpose or end game? Why wasn’t Bruce there for Jason like he was for Barbara? And, not only are some of these questions answered, but Jason and Barbara both fit so perfectly into this puzzle that it just makes sense. Additionally, the pacing is spot on, the dialogue is just enough, and Jason Fabok elevates this series to incredibly new heights. The sheer knack for detail is outstanding on every page. Plus, Fabok captures the creepy, sadistic, terrifyingly eerie feeling that surrounds the Clown Prince beautifully. Fabok’s Jokers literally make my skin crawl, which basically means he’s getting the job done!

Now, I guess I would call myself an average Bat-fan. I’ve read more than my fair share of BATMAN, and let me tell ya, I’m not seeing any plot holes. Moreover, Johns is providing perfect motivation for each of the main characters involved and furnishing growth, whether it be negative growth or character regression… Still movement nonetheless. Additionally, Johns’ story is so thought out that he even explains Jason’s reaction from the last issue AND lays out why the Bat-Family can’t really do anything about it.


BATMAN: THREE JOKERS #2 is real. It’s gritty. It’s nasty. And, it’s scary. Characters are pushed over the edge and back again in order to delve deeper into their psyche and purpose. This issue was just as frightening as BATMAN: THREE JOKERS #1 and builds on the mystery in such a fascinating turn throughout the issue. Fabok and Johns work so well together and are so meticulous even down to hidden smiles sprinkled throughout the background of so many panels. This is a true thriller and could very well be the best story I’ve read at DC in YEARS!!! You need no prior knowledge than BATMAN: THREE JOKERS #1. So, what are you waiting for? The trade… If so, don’t! Go get issue one and two now. It will totally be worth your time and money. I honestly haven’t read a book this good from DC in such a long time. Everyone needs to read this series.


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