Batman: The Knight #7 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia, and Pat Brosseau

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: July 19th, 2022

The logical meets the paranormal as Bruce finds himself in the presence of Zatara learning how to be an amazing escape artist and high-level illusionist. However, things start to get weird as soon as Bruce realizes that theirs more than meets the eye in this underground world surrounding Magicians and Sorcery. Yet that’s not all readers; BATMAN: THE KNIGHT #7 by Chip Zdarsky has a strong opening as well. It’s not cluttered with explosive action and dynamic fight scenes BUT it’s extremely well written and uses conversation and dialogue to set the story beats firmly making them foundational to the backstory of what makes BATMAN tick. Let’s dive into the story this week to see what else we can uncover.

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Beginnings are always so appealing to me, which is ultimately what has been so enticing about BATMAN: THE KNIGHT. However, what makes this story so much more impactful is seeing where even Zatara is at the start of the story. He’s lost just like Bruce but in a different way. He’s struggling as well and looking for a new direction. And technically, if we take a moment to think about Bruce’s journey to this point, many (if not all) of the individuals he’s used along the way to better himself have also needed something from him too. It’s a clever angle Zdarsky has been playing at since the series began. Therefore, this should leave you with the question, “what does Zatara need?”. Well, you’ll have to read the issue to find out!

Moreover, Zatara and Zatanna lean heavily into Bruce on his dark side and intentions. His dark drive towards vengeance will get him into a load of trouble if he doesn’t corral it. And to anyone paying attention to his journey in BATMAN: THE KNIGHT, it’s been a pulsating theme since the comic began. Plus, it’s this same paradigm that’s not only been under the surface for BATMAN all along but even more recently in the DEATH METAL and HEAVY METAL events at DC COMICS.

In part, Zatara is pointing out BATMAN’S true weakness which should come as a big surprise to those thinking the Dark Knight doesn’t have one. Nevertheless, as the issue concludes, Bruce and Zatara actually both pinpoint Bruce’s true “price”. And for him to truly succeed in the magical realm, he has to give up his mission and sacrifice everything he’s learned to this point solely to focus on it. That would be his true sacrifice if he were to venture down that path.

Additionally, Zdarsky focuses on two other key points in this week’s narrative. The first aspect is that magic requires a price in order to use it. And the fact that Bruce can’t master it nor has he ever truly been able to is because he has nothing left to lose… at least right now in his journey.

Moreover, the second aspect of BATMAN: THE KNIGHT #7 that Zdarsky hammers home is that Bruce will never move past his parent’s death. Nevertheless, not because he can’t… but because he won’t. And if he lets go of that anger and darkness he can’t be the true figure for Justice that he wants to be. So, he’s trying to domesticate the darkness and rage using it as the fuel to drive his Will taking BATMAN: THE KNIGHT #7 into some extremely deep, almost cerebral waters with the mind of Bruce Wayne.


BATMAN: THE KNIGHT #7 was a clever way to tie in Bruce’s journey with magic while also taking the time to take a look under the hood of Bruce’s mission for Justice. Readers will see his core motifs as well as the engine that runs this classic 1939 BMW 335. However, Zdarsky uses BATMAN: THE KNIGHT #7 to focus on the fuel of that engine as well as how close he is to using that very same dark drive to unravel and completely fall off the rails. You see, BATMAN’S true weakness is that he’s on the verge of redlining and blowing the engine daily… but never does. He holds that line and balance well, even at a young age. Nevertheless, if you could get him to step over that line, he’d most certainly be lost for good.

If you’ve been loving BATMAN: THE KNIGHT to this point, there is little doubt that your adoration will stop this week. Zdarsky may not have thrown out an action-packed issue this week but he gets extremely meta while introducing Zatara and Zatanna into that meticulous, in-depth history that surrounds the creation of the character. BATMAN: THE KNIGHT #7 isn’t too wordy and will offer up a great deal to chew on involving Bruce’s psyche, mentality, and stability. I highly recommend checking this issue out AND would also just like to reference that it’s easy for anyone to pick up, read, and jump on board who hasn’t done so yet since it’s not overly connected to the past issues. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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