Batman: The Detective #1 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson, and Clem Robins

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: April 13th, 2021

A dreadful catastrophe in the U.K. brings an extremely emotional and fatal message to the Caped Crusader. It’s a message that will pull the Bat out of Gotham… maybe for good! From the minute he arrives in Europe, BATMAN will confront an impossible investigation that will lead him on the hunt for the villain known as Equilibrium! Let’s dive into BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE #1 by Tom Taylor as we unearth new villains and allies that will take BATMAN on a daring new action-packed European adventure that’s been missing for quite some time.

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What makes this narrative the most interesting is the angle in which Taylor takes to draw in the reader. The issue opens with a plane crash that ushers the DARK KNIGHT to England on an investigation that links him up with the old Squire. Now, the biggest flaw in this opening installment could very well be issues involving continuity. It’s not that it’s necessarily wrong. It’s just that Taylor isn’t completely clear as to when this story takes place. Some have assumed it takes place between Alfred dying and the JOKER WAR. Some think it’s in the future and Bruce is older and more broken. Others believe this isn’t even in “our” universe. I truly do want to learn when this takes place BUT not knowing doesn’t hinder the multitude of other amazing elements to the story that shouldn’t be overlooked due to time placement uncertainty.


This is the BATMAN comic we’ve been missing for years. It’s gritty. It’s tough. It’s tactical and we finally have a $&@$ detective story. We don’t have dark, alternate universe BATMEN. There is no wedding or relationship with a villain. Currently, there’s no JOKER. BATMAN isn’t fighting aliens, traveling through time, or standing toe-to-toe with otherworldly beings. Tom Taylor is providing fans with a BATMAN story that’s crime-based, down to Earth, and showcases the attributes of the character that have been missing for years now.

BATMAN is intelligent, hardworking, and expresses an unwavering moral compass. He’s fearless, courageous, and relies on his wit and aging physicality to overcome some of the darkest obstacles Gotham has to offer. However, with the death of Alfred, he’s lost and searching for a purpose. Taylor makes this story new user-friendly while reintroducing some semi-obscure Bat characters in the process. Anyone can hop onboard without prior knowledge and learn something new in the process. Plus, older and more avid fans will love how real and natural BATMAN is portrayed. Taylor creatively drops readers deep into the story almost immediately and makes new fans feel welcome with some of the many clever twists within the narrative.


Andy Kubert’s pencils and illustrations are fantastic. Bruce is an utter beast. Readers… he’s huge! He’s drawn so large that he very well may dwarf Bane in size and stature. And frankly, it’s Kubert’s design that adds to this darker and more psychologically damaged BATMAN. Furthermore, Kubert’s new take on Gentleman Ghost is crazy-good. Mix in Brad Anderson’s rich colors and you have a comic that screams “Read Me!”


Readers, BATMAN is finally a true detective. It’s edgy, raw, and exactly what’s been missing for years. This version of the Dark Knight is harsh, brooding, and filled with pain. Even though many readers feel like the market is oversaturated with Bat-titles, I strongly recommend giving BATMAN: THE DETECTIVE a shot. It’s action-packed, clever, and (sadly) unique in the realm of BATMAN titles as of late. Kubert’s art is next level, as usual, and lends a sturdy foundation for the story providing an extra layer that’s almost apocalyptic. Bruce may not be in a good place as this issue takes off but BATMAN fans will be. I strongly recommend heading out to your local shop now as well as adding this series to your pull list. Pick this up, let me know what you think, and God Bless!


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