Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #1 Review

Writers: Paul Dini and Alan Burnett
Art: Jordan Gibson and Monica Kubina (colorist)
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 10th, 2023
Reviewed by: Jamie Robinson

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This is the third and final installment to the hit comic series based on the critically-acclaimed fan-favorite show, Batman: The Animated Series. Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #1 will likely hit hard for diehard fans, as it is the first in this series to be released since Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, sadly passed away a couple months ago. That being said, it is a great tribute to his Batman legacy, and he would no doubt be proud of the result. It also includes a lot of obscure characters from Batman the animated series, such as District Attorney Janet Van Dorn, from the BTAS episodes “Shadow of the Bat part 1” and “Trial”, looking more like how she appeared in the latter.

It also features the return of a one-shot villain from the show. This issue also expands upon the tie-in movie, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, by introducing Esther Valestra, the daughter of crime boss Sal Valestra, who was a prominent character in the film. This comic further connects the DCAU by a brief appearance by a prominent character from Justice League Unlimited at the end, and suggests further involvement from this character in future issues.


The artwork is very good in Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #1, and very reminiscent of the style of Bruce Timm, who was one of the lead animators of the DC animated universe. In particular, Gibson does very well with the use of shadows, making feel not only like a Batman comic, but an episode of the animated series. The attention to detail is clearly evident, as even the obscure characters look nearly identical to how they appeared in the show.


Batman: the Adventures Continue Season Three #1 was a stellar first issue and could possibly be considered to be the best of this series thus far. Amazing artwork, and a story which foreshadows things yet to come in a way that grabs readers and keeps them hooked for more. Fans will no doubt hear the late, great Kevin Conroy’s voice in their minds as they read, keeping his legacy alive.


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