Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art: Ivan Reis and Brad Anderson (colorist)
Publisher: DC comics
Price: $7.99
Release date: March 21, 2023

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This story features a look at one of Batman’s oldest and deadliest of adversaries, namely Ra’s Al Ghul. In Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1, Ra’s is presented as a character both to sympathize with and to despise at the same time. The book opens with Ra’s as a child, and we see what has helped to shape and influence him to become the man he is today. This comic also shows how Ra’s is convinced that he is doing the right thing, and that Batman is protecting evildoers. The most apparent tension in the story though is between Ra’s Al Ghul and his grandson, Damian Wayne. Damian is conflicted between his relationship with his father and his relationship with his grandfather, and Ra’s exploits it. Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 shows Ra’s Al Ghul’s ruthlessness, that there’s nothing he won’t stoop to in order to achieve his goals. It certainly leaves readers in suspense, The issue does an excellent job of bookending the story with Ra’s as a child and at his current age, also showing the difference between the resilience of Ra’s and the resilience of Batman.


The art in Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 is outstanding. Reis does an excellent job of making the characters look detailed, emotive and realistic. They allow the reader to empathize with the characters, such as when Ra’s cries over his ailing wolf companion. The scenes when Ra’s emerges from the Lazarus Pits are very well done. The scene of Ra’s fighting Batman near the end of the book pays homage to one of their first battles, as they clash swords while shirtless on the top of a snowy mountain.


Batman: One Bad Day – Ra’s al Ghul #1 presents a fascinating look at one of Batman’s most formidable foes. It showcases both his ruthlessness and empathy, believing himself to ultimately be doing the right thing. Yet, this is also a story about Batman too, and how his compassion is juxtaposed to Ra’s Al Ghul. Damian recognizes the difference between how both his father and grandfather operate, and chooses to side with the former. In his own way, Ra’s is also committed to preserving life, even though he uses unethical methods.


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