Batman: Fortress #4 Review

Writer: Gary Whitta

Art: Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez, and Simon Bowland

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 23rd, 2022

With the future of the Planet on the line, frantic times scream for something quite uncanny in order to survive. And, what could be more uncanny than a partnership between BATMAN and Lex Luthor! Let’s dive into BATMAN: FORTRESS #4 by Gary Whitta as this unconventional partnership is all that stands in the way between our world and these alien invaders. And, how will the Fortress of Solitude help? This question and so much more are answered in this week’s BATMAN: FORTRESS #4.

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I love it when a plan comes together… and so does BATMAN! As BATMAN: FORTRESS #4 begins to unfold, readers get very little from the alien invaders but a ton of cameos and divergent plans that add depth and character to the story. Whitta plays at a concept that many writers have overlooked lately, which is BATMAN’S relationship amongst the DC COMIC Universe. Look no further than THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD concept but focused solely on BATMAN. For those who loved the animated show back in 2008, Whitta portrays that feel of BATMAN knowing everyone, having history with everyone, and solving mysteries in the process.

It’s this connective feeling that perpetuates off the pages that provide readers with depth and charm but not in a silly or convoluted way like BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Animated Series. Sure, Whitta has the characters crack jokes but nothing hokey or trite. Moreover, I love seeing BATMAN having relationships that are so extremely far from the BATMAN of the last decade. Even in movies, the Dark Knight is closed off, reclusive, dark, emotionless, and flat. I think writers feel it makes BATMAN look more bad$&&. However, not only is that quite the opposite BUT that perspective is getting stale.

As for the story beats themselves, I’m really digging the mystery. Where is SUPERMAN? Who are these alien invaders? What’s going on with the Fortress? Are so many of the JUSTICE LEAGUE members really captured or dead? Sure, more questions are added to this week’s BATMAN: FORTRESS #4 with little to know answers. But, Whitta adds so much more insight to the narrative which ultimately draws the readers deeper into the story. Alas, fans need to keep in mind that we are now four issues in with few answers. So, as much as Whitta has taken the time to promote depth and mystery, if we get no answers to any of these questions next month after being five issues in, I think fans may start a revolt!


Darick Robertson and Diego Rodriguez draw an amazing BATMAN, as well as the less humanistic characters. However, there’s just something about the human characters that don’t have defining features that make them less distinguishable. Again, his Bruce Wayne looks nothing like him nor could I tell that was Constantine with a gun until D.C. told readers it was a couple of pages later. Nevertheless, when it comes to masked heroes and less humanoid characters, Robertson and Rodriguez do a fine job of elevating their talents.


The character cameos mixed with the charismatic nature of Whitta’s BATMAN and intriguing story beats are the driving force behind why BATMAN: FORTRESS has become such an entertaining hit. BATMAN actually communicates with people and doesn’t scowl at them throughout the entire issue. Plus, the story itself feels like a solid mystery wrapped around an alien invasion. It’s almost as if we get two genres for the price of one.

BATMAN: FORTRESS #4 is fun and will certainly keep fans on their toes. Nevertheless, we are four issues in with very few answers and even more questions. Sure, the conversations and cameos help fortify the story well. However, if we don’t get any answers soon, I feel readers may take their money elsewhere. Issue five needs to have a huge story beat answered to keep the mojo trucking along or else I could see the series start to implode. All that said, BATMAN: FORTRESS #4 was extremely entertaining and reminiscent of the BATMAN I’ve long missed for quite some time. I highly recommend giving this series a shot. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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