Batman/Catwoman #11  Review

Writer: Tom King

Art: Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 12th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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Batman/Catwoman #11, like the rest of this series, is set in multiple timelines, which can be hard to follow. Yet there are still good aspects of this book. For fans of the animated movie, Batman Mask of the Phantasm, there is a lot of interaction between the Joker and the Phantasm in this issue. Plus, the events of the movie are alluded to as well, despite this not being in the same continuity.


The artwork is rock solid and detailed in Batman/Catwoman #11. There are many references to the DC animated universe, the first of which being Inque.  Despite the fact that Inque is a Batman Beyond villain, since an alternate future is shown here, it makes sense for her to be a foe a Batwoman. Moreover, there is a great full page of Batman, and the scene of Andrea Beaumont falling into the explosion is gorgeously drawn as well. Plus, the Batmobile shown is almost identical to the one seen in Batman the animated series.


Fans of the DC animated universe will enjoy Batman/Catwoman #11, as it contains multiple homages. There is also a great emotional scene between the elderly Selina Kyle and her daughter, Helena. The finale of this issue may be a bit jarring for some readers, but it may not be everything that it appears to be. We’ll have to see what happens in the final concluding issue!


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